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Is chemical hair straightening a good option?

Smooth, silky, tangle free Straight hair is one dream almost all women fantasise about. No matter what the weather is or how much time you have to get ready, your straight hair is always at the go, with just a comb. But is it really healthy to have your curly, messed up hair straightened up by chemicals? Is it really worth it?
Chemically treating your hair causes a lot of stress to your tresses. But, there are different options and processes available for you to treat your hair and get it straightened out. So, before your choose to make an appointment and sit on the chair for the treatment, read and learn about every details related to chemical hair straightening.
Permanent straightening for long lasting results
This is one option that is widely followed by women across the country. Also known as Japanese Rebonding, this process is ideal for thick, long and frizzy hair which gets treated by a special chemical that breaks the bonds (responsible for your hair shape, curly, wavy or straight) and gives your hair a straight hair.
Once chemically treated, your hair is rinsed, dried and then flat ironed before it is then saturated by a neutraliser that keeps your locks straight. Overall it is a 4 to 8 hour long procedure and may require touchups in a few months, based on your hair growth rate.
However, this will not add any volume or bounce to your hair.

Hair smoothening

This procedure uses chemicals that breaks the hair bonds and reshapes them to give them a straighter look. The hair is then rinsed and neutralized for a frizz free manageable. This process takes less time and gives your hair an extra smoother finishing.

Milder treatments

The Brazilian Blowout or the Keratin Treatment, this is one recent hair treatment that has gained great popularity for its smoothened look. The procedure doesn’t break the bonds of your hair and gives a more natural texture to your hair. This is however not a long term procedure as your hair gets back its original texture in just 2 or 4 months. The procedure contains a small amount of formaldehyde, a chemical that has certain health risks when inhaled. However, the makers state that the level is too small to cause any health risk.
The procedure will smooth your hair, control frizz and also manage your volume right. But, at the same time, your hair won’t be super straight like the other procedures.

Precautions you can take

• Before you choose the type of hair straightening for your hair, talk about your hair texture, hair loss problems and more to your hair stylist. Take his expert suggestions and only then choose the one that he suggests you for your hair. However, these procedures are always leads to dryness and hair breakage due to the chemical compositions.
• After the procedure, take good care of your hair and keep them nicely hydrated by using products that help your hair. Choose shampoos suggested by your hairstylist and use a good quality hair nourishing serum.
• Avoid the procedures if you have extensively dry or damaged hair.
• The process may be damaging, and so try it first on a small portion of your hair for a few days before you choose to get your entire hair treated.

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