Child ID Kit – Adding To Your Child’s Safety

Safety for our children is now in our hands!

We all love our kids and make every tiny effort to bring a glowing smile on the face of our little one. Right from fulfilling their silly wishes to taking them out to the parks to give them the fun and thrill they usually look for. But, today there is always a threat on our kids of going missing. I know, most parents would think… ‘I am a good parent and take full care of my child. There is no way my child can go missing.’ But is this true?

In this year itself, we have seen almost hundreds of missing children cases throughout our country. Kids from various cities, belonging to different communities and backgrounds have gone missing over the last few years, and that too under the safety of their trusted people. So, I ask again… Are our kids really safe?

Well, the answer is No. But with the help of a Child ID Kit, we can now be rest assured that we can help our kids stay safe and not go missing.

Child ID Kit

Understanding the importance of a child in the life of parents, Safetykart has come up with India’s very first Child ID Kit. Launched on this Children’s Day, the 14th November, the kit has been designed to help parents keep safe all important information about their child, at one place! Every small details or critical information that you have about your kid, can now be saved in just one place, the child ID Kit. For instance, it can save your child’s fingerprints, characteristics, etc. which can prove to be helpful during conditions when your child goes missing. This kit will instantly help your local authorities to find your child immediately.

Based on Government statistics, there are 100,000 children who go missing every single year. However, the real figure may actually be three times than that mentioned here, say the non-government sources. The child Id Kit, includes every details such as height, characters, special body marks, fingerprints, etc. of the child which may prove extremely helpful to the investigators while looking for them.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, there is one child going missing every 8 minutes in our country. And before you may know the reason, they can be pushed into severe conditions like begging, sex rackets or even be killed for unknown reasons.

The kit helps your child’s information to be exchanged easily for locating, identifying or searching for your child than any other data storage system. Looking at the kit’s importance, the kit is available for Free (a Single Pack) and available at a very nominal price for 4 to 6 packs. Simply make sure you carry your Child’s Id kit every place you go. Remember, your child is never safe, not even when he is out with you.

Get your kid his Child ID Kit today and secure his safety always.

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