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Chinese Herbs For Healthy and Dense Hair

People at large are always concerned about their appearance. They always want an everlasting image in the eyes of others. Good quality of “Skin, Figure & Hair”, are always going to be the main areas of concern. Undoubtedly, today is the world where pollution, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle are something very common. But when it comes to taking complete care of your hair, here are 8 Chinese herbs you will love using for beautiful healthy hair.

The Hair Cycle Saga

Basically there are three cycles of the hair. The first is the hair growth, the second is the resting and the third is shedding of hair. Every month the average hair growth is one centimeter. There are many people complaining about their weak hair and baldness. These symptoms can be due to many factors. The Chinese herbs are surely essential that helps to improve the hair growth. The following are the Chinese herbs which promotes the hair growth.

  1. Psoralea: These seeds are also known as babchi seeds. These seeds are used to reduce the hair loss. These seeds are generally sold in the form of capsules in the market.
  2. Goto Kola: When it comes to the baldness in the males, it is proved that Goto Kola is a herb which helps to heal the baldness in men. This herb helps to decrease the anxiety levels in the male body which results in improved levels of blood circulation.
  3. He Shou Wu: This is basically the roots of Fleece Flower. This is used to purify the blood. The herb helps boost the strength of the hair. This is available in the form of capsule in the market.
  4. Hei Zhi Ma: These are the black form of sesame seeds which is used for the hair loss prevention and longevity of the hair. One has to assure that they do not consume this herb in much quantity as too much of this herb would cause diarrhea.
  5. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract: This root extract when combined with the extract of paeonia albiflora, purnus perscia and plygonum can act as a great shampoo to treat Alopecia.
  6. Multiflower Knotweed: This herb is used to improve and darken the hair color. Since ages this herb is used in china and apart from the hair they improve the muscles and decrease the process of aging.
  7. Foti: This Chinese herb is also known as Shien mien. This herb is used for the longevity and to quickly restore the color of the hair. This herb acts as a cleanser to the blood. And people consume it as a tonic. This herb provides the nourishment to hair.
  8. Angelica: This herb is rich in calcium. This can cure the problem of brittle hair and encourage the hair growth. The substances present in this herb help the follicle to improve. This herb penetrates deep down the follicles and offers nourishment to hair.

With the regular use of these Chinese herbs one can certainly get rid of baldness and have a healthier hair.

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