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Do You Choose Perfect Clothes For Your Body Shape?

Last time you tried a dress that looked beautiful on the model that appeared online on the e-commerce website, You had bought according to your size and expected it to fit nicely and appear as it does on the screen; however you aren’t happy with the way it looks on you. Has this happened with you? I know it sounds similar to many of us; However, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong online or it’s who who is not fitting well! It’s actually your body type, the shape of your body!

Thus, certain clothes are more suitable to a particular body shape. In order to crack the fashion sense in a best way, while taking along the comfort of wearing them, wear clothes that suits your body type. Here are few tips on what you can wear according to your body shape:

  1. Apple Shaped

The Apple Shape Body

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  • Wear clothes that distract people’s attention from your mid section.
  • Choose tops that covers your belly part and end exactly a little below your hips.
  • V neck Empire Waist Dress and tops, A line dresses are the best options. On dresses, wear a belt just below your breast to minimize the waist size.
  • Avoid skinny jeans and straight legged pants, Flared or boot cuts would do best for you.
  • It’s a big no no for double breasted jackets, clingy silhouettes and bulky tops.
  1. Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped Body

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  • Highlight your shoulders by wearing scarves, colourful necklaces or pashminas. It is to balance your shoulders with the body shape.
  • Patterned and embellished dresses and tops are the new thing, enhance your shoulders with puff sleeves and bateau neckline.
  • Tight and Capri pants, short and pencil skirts – please avoid them.
  • Go for A line dresses, tailored and flared pants.
  • Dark and solid colors for the bottom, and bright colorful for the tops.
  1. Rectangle Shaped

Rectangle Shape Body

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  • Wrap dress and Empire waist dresses are for you. Wear belt on your narrowest part to enhance your body curves.
  • Select ruffled and pleated tops that ends at the midsection of your hips, that will also enhance your shoulders and bust line.
  • Peplum jeans, dresses, skirts and tops will give you an illusion of being a hourglass body type.
  • Always wear accessories that enhances your top.
  1. Hour Glass Shaped

Hour glass shape body

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  • Highlight your waistline to show off your curves.
  • No baggy clothes please, go for pencil skirts, skirts and V line tops to enhance your breasts.
  • Wear rightly fitted undergarments. If you are busty, avoid unstructured bra or padded cups, it makes your cleavage looks saggy.
  • Enhance your hips and bust by drawing attention on your waist, thus wear the best fitting clothes.

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