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How to Choose the Right Clip in Hair Extensions

Making a change to your hair is exciting, whether it’s through a haircut or simply adding clip in hair extensions to mix up your look. Extensions are a great way to quickly change your hair, and clip-ins offer you the flexibility to put them in and take them out at any time. Read on to know tips to help you purchase the best type of extensions for you.

Decide What Type of Hair Extension You Want

You may be surprised to learn there are different materials used for clip in hair extensions. The two biggest buckets are extensions made from real hair and extensions made from synthetic material. Before you start shopping for your new clip in hair extensions, you’ll need to decide which option will work best for you.

Real hair will obviously look more natural and closely match your natural hair. Though extensions made from real hair can be the more expensive option, they also last longer and look better, giving you more bang for your buck. You can also style these extensions just like you would your normal hair.

Some people, however, aren’t comfortable using extensions with real hair, which makes synthetic a viable option for them.

Synthetic extensions are usually cheaper to purchase, but may not last as long. It’s also important to know the limitations that this type has. For example, you cannot use heat, such as a curling iron or flat iron, to style this type of hair. However, they are a good option if you only plan to use them a few times.

Do Your Research and Choose a Quality Seller

Once you’ve decided on the type of hair extensions you want, it’s time to start researching. With more transactions being done online, purchasing clip in hair extensions online has become more popular as well as accessible.

Before you enter your credit card information, browse the site thoroughly. Read reviews for the product and service. If you have any questions, such as where the hair they use comes from, you can simply email them. Need help choosing the right extension? See if they have a chat option or an easy way to reach out for assistance.

Find Your Perfect Shade

Now that you’ve found where you’re going to purchase your new extensions, it’s time to start choosing the ones you want. The first and foremost step is finding the right shade for you. To find the right shade, go for hair that matches your natural color from the middle to the ends. The hair at the root of your head is often a slightly different color than the rest.

If the website offers a compare feature, use it to your advantage. Select ones that seem close and then narrow down your options from there. Don’t be afraid to be weird and hold your hair up to the computer to find the perfect shade.

Some people use extensions to add color to their hair. They may want to create an Ombre look or put some pops of other colors in to create highlights. Choose your color match based on the look that you want to create, whether it matches your hair perfectly or not.

Choose Your Length

Finally, you get to choose the length of the clip in hair extensions you need. Some people want to go big and add lots of length, and others only need a little. Keep in mind that you can trim it up a little if it’s required. So, going a little longer is better than going too short.

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