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Choosing the Right Hairbrush for your Hair

That perfectly set up hair, right mounds and waves, neat finish and a classy look! Hairstyles and hairdos can never be perfect without the right set of hairbrushes. It may not be wrong if I say, For every Perfect Hairstyle, there is a Hairbrush! Well, well with this said, let us try and get into understanding the deep rooted relation between hair and a hairbrush.

Different hair textures and volume require different or special kind of hairbrushes to help you style your tresses perfectly. Thus, the type of hairbrush varies for every individual, based on their Hair Texture, Volume and Need. Here is a list of Hairbrushes that are designed for different textures of Hair. Scroll and see which one is perfect for your hair.

Straight Hair and Paddle Brush

Designed especially for straight hair, a paddle brush has soft bristles coming out of a cushion material. They help detangle your straight hair, while also massaging the roots. The shape of the brush further protects your scalp and hair from any kind of damage.

Tip: Use the addle brush before ironing your hair for a perfect finish.

Curly hair and Wide-Tooth Brush

Curly hair is always difficult to manage. If not cared properly, they may tend to break easily. Use the wide-tooth brush for taming your curls and removing tangles easily.

Tip: Use a wide-tooth brush soon after a shower to comb your hair perfectly.

Hair Parting and Rat-Tail Comb

Getting a perfect hair parting is a tedious task, if done without a good hairbrush. Use a Rat-tail brush to easily make a perfect hair parting. The teeth of the brush also help smooth down your hair.

Tip: A Rat-tail brush should only be used for parting your hair and not otherwise as it may cause damage to the scalp.

Thin Hair and Round Brush

Managing thin hair is quite a difficult task as they are prone to break and damages. The round brush is a perfect hair brush for combing your thin hair. This hairbrush triggers growth in the hair follicles by increasing blood circulation in the roots. Moreover, they give a special bounce to your hair, making it look perfect.

Tip: Use this brush exclusively while blow drying your hair or straightening your tresses.

Frizzy Hair and Narrowest Brush

Taming your frizzy hair is almost like an impossible task. No matter what you try, they always manage to stand out and small antennas on the head. Combing frizzy hair wit ha wrong brush can cause hairfall or split ends. Thus, it is best to use a narrowest brush to slowly tame your hair, also flattening it down the length.

Tip: Comb your frizzy hair with this brush soon after a shower.

Thick Hair and Boar Bristle Brush

If thin hair can be a problem, thick hair can be as well. Getting a comb onto your thick hair can be very difficult, especially if the bristles are small. A Boar bristle brush is made out of the hair of a wild boar especially for people with thick hair. This brush easily passes through your hair, also making them shiny and smooth. They also help add volume to your hair and helps distribute oil evenly on your hair while you comb.

Tip: Slowly brush your hair with this hairbrush, removing tangles gently to prevent damage.

Stylish Hair and Vent Brush

If you love styling your hair, this brush is what you just need. The brush has multiple holes that allow heat to easily pass through your hair, especially when blow drying your hair or straightening it.

Tip: Make the best use of a vent brush by using it to style your hair differently, every time. Styling can become fun with this brush.

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