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Christmas Special – Décor Ideas For Your Home

Its Christmas time, the time for holidays, beautiful family gatherings and a lot of yummy foods! But, if you really want to add a little bit of magic to your life and home, then here are a few fascinating home décor ideas that you may love to decorate your home for Christmas. And yes, they are simple, not too time consuming and will add the magic of Christmas to your entire home.

  • Decorating your living room in Red-Green-White Colors

 living room christmas

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Apart from decorating your Christmas tree, you can also add the Christmas fever to your home by using beautiful props like a mini Santa Clause, small red-green-white colored floral hangings, Christmas mantel garlands, and more.

You can choose colors such as Golden-red-white or other combinations, based on the color decoration of your Christmas tree. However, make sure everything is almost in-sync and not very contrasting.

  • Decorating the stairway with floral garlands

stairway decoration

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Use beautiful Christmas colors such as red and green along with some golden decoration items to make a beautiful twine. You can then use this piece to twirl it around your stairway to add a lot of beauty to your home. Adding small golden light bulbs to the garlands will further add some magical look to your stairway.

However, you may also choose garlands made of bells, colorful balls, wreths, props like stars, snowman etc.

  • Decorating the Windows and doors


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Use small and beautiful window garlands or simply hang broad red and white colored ribbons on them. Wreths are customary for the front doors, but you can also add lights to them and shiny stars to your regular front door wreths.

You may also simply hang miniature Christmas wreth on the windows to add more beauty to your home.

  • Decorating the walls of your living room

wall decoration

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Use beautiful glittery stars, moons, jingles and balls to decorate the walls of your living room. Simply hang them on your window panes or the Christmas garland hanging around your walls.

You may also hang them on the doors, windows, mantels and the stairway. For more fun, you may also stick reindeer props on the walls to add a little fun look to your Christmas theme.

  • Decorating the sofa

 sofa decoration

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Ok, now that almost everything major has been taken care of, you can now finally make your room look complete with the soft Christmas special sofa cushions. You may also simply add red and green colored cushion covers to your everyday cushions to add a spark.

With these ideas, hopefully you will now have no problem at all in decorating your home this Christmas.

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