“Chrrr Tak, Tak, Taka Daka Tak, Chree…” Kalki Koechlin’s Voice For Feminism!

Not surprised that Kalki has hit our heart and soul with a bang again, but what makes me fall in love with her more and more is her boldness, talent and audacity to showcase Indian society in an extraordinary approach. This time it is Media itself! In the five minute video, which is written and performed by the talented actress, she asks Indians not to let go off crime and injustice happened to them or others. If there is a time to speak, it is NOW!

Kalki doesn’t scream to raise her voice for the society, she doesn’t chant any slogan nor abuses the system but portrays printing machine, the black and white ink as a subject to tell us about the crime on minority every day and what we do is read and forget it irresponsibly.

The Margarita star has given us one more reason to adore her for her thoughts and each and every one of us has to think on this powerful video and far beyond.

Women Planet is proud to have her as the CoverPage Girl of our Magazine, Vol – 2.

Image Source: www.youtube.com

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