Have A Clean And Safe Period – Hygiene Tips For All Women

For women, puberty is a life changing period, a period after which a girl turns into a woman, a woman of substance in the making. But, this change, from a small girl into a woman takes over the entire mind and body of the female. Adapting into a newer, much more sensitive body and health routine, a woman has to take good care of her health and hygiene especially during the menstrual cycles. Everything from combating menstrual cramps, sanitary napkins and maintaining hygiene, a girl, sorry a woman has to take care of several things. And to aid you have a painfree, healthy and hygienic periods, here I give you 6 hygiene tips that you should never ignore. Make them your menstrual rules and you will be free from all menstrual health conditions.

For your periods, keep separate Panties Or Underwears!

different underwears

During periods, panties need to be clean and free of blood stains. But, avoiding bloodstains and cleaning them immediately is not possible, especially with our hectic schedules such as schools, colleges or work. So, it is best to have a separate set of panties for the periods. Wash them with warm water and sanitize with clothes disinfectants like dettol, etc.
Also, always keep a spare pair of clean panties in your bag for emergency situations.

During periods, change the bed-sheets frequently

sleeping on clean bedsheet

Leakage at night is a common thing. No matter how hard you try or how large a sanitary napkin you use, leakage is always possible. So, to avoid staining, make sure you clean the bed-sheets and change them frequently. Also, for women who sweat more, make sure you change your underwear regularly to avoid rashes.

Use menstrual cups in place of tampons

menstrual cups


A lot of women use tampons instead of sanitary napkins. Well, here is something even better, menstrual cups. These cups collect the blood flow and leak less. This also means that you don’t have to run into the washroom frequently to change your napkins.

Avoid rashes by placing quality sanitary pads rightly

placing the pad properly


If you are using sanitary napkins, make sure you take all the time needed to change and place the napkin properly on your panties. Improper arrangement can at times lead to rashes, itchiness and un-comfort. Moreover, for excessive rashes, you may also have to seek medical help. So, better take this point seriously!

After exercising, head for a wash

take a bath after exercise

Exercising is a good way of maintaining your health, and periods should never affect your exercise regime. But, to maintain your body’s hygiene, always make sure you head for a bath or atleast wash your genitalia to avoid rashes and bacterial infections.

Clean the external genitalia gently

genitalia wash care products


Always clean the vulva, the external genitalia with warm water to avoid infections. Never apply soap to these sensitive areas. Also, when you have your bath, make sure the water flows from the genitalia to the anus, and not the other way round, Or you may simply contract a urinary infection.

Note: Sanitize your hands with soap or a hand sanitizer before and after changing your pads.
Note: Dispose used sanitary napkins into a dust-bin after wrapping them in paper and then enclosing in a polybag. Never flush them.

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