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How To Clean A Smelly Washing Machine?

We all use a washing machine for cleaning our dirty clothes, isn’t it? After all, a washing machine is meant to deliver clean and fresh clothes to its users after every wash. But, have you ever thought of what to do when your washing machine becomes smelly?

This is quite obvious that over time, the smell of fresh clothes turns into smell, especially in the damp monsoon season. Your automatic and semi-automatic washing machine becomes smelly with its regular use. And without any doubts, a smelly washing machine results in dirty and smelly clothes.

Fortunately, however, mixing your smelling washing machine is an easy task. You just have to follow some easy and handy tips for cleaning your smelly washing machine. So, are you interested in knowing the tips for cleaning your washing machine and preventing it from becoming smelly?

Why Your Washing Machine Turns Smelly?

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Before moving to the steps of cleaning your smelly automatic & semi-automatic washing machine, it is important to know what makes a washing machine smelly.

If you have a smelly washing machine, it is usually because of the growth of bacteria in the machine. This bacteria grows in areas with the detergent residue, mould, and lint. All these reasons can cause the generation and growth of bacteria in the washing machine, which results in making it smelly and dirty.

Therefore, it is important to regularly clean and wash your washing machine. This will not only improve the lifetime of your machine, but it will also avoid all kinds of undesirable smells.

Now, let us look at the various ways in which a smelly washing machine can be cleaned to avoid all the unwanted smells.

Ways to Clean a Smelly Washing Machine:

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So, how can you clean your smelly washing machine in the best possible manner? This entire process of treating a stinky machine is quite easy, if you are aware of the exact steps. However, to move ahead with these steps, firstly you should be sure to unplug your washing machine to avoid any accidents.

Also, it is important to take good precautions for your safety when dealing with the cleaning agents. For examples, when you are dealing with bleach, you should be sure enough to wear gloves and use it in a well-ventilated area to avoid any problems and risks.

With all these precautions in mind, let us move with the various ways to clean a smelly washing machine and to make it refreshing once again.

  1. Clean the detergent drawer:

If you are using a front loading washing machine, the one thing that you might often face is a dirty detergent drawer. This can be one of the reasons for causing bacteria in the machine which can turn the machine smelly. Therefore, you should be quite frequent in removing the detergent drawer and cleaning the same.

Before cleaning the drawer, you should read out the instructions available with it. This will avoid any other mishappening with the machine and will make the cleaning process quite simple and convenient to carry.

Once you are through with the needed cleaning instructions, the next thing that you need to do is to scrub the detergent drawer from inside-out. After you have scrubbed the drawer, make sure to properly rinse it and dry it before again using it.

This process will reduce the chances of bacterial growth in your washing machine and thus will prevent the presence of any unwanted smells.

  1. Cleaning the lint filter:

Checking and cleaning the lint filter is another essential step in keeping your machine free from any kind of smells. In general, you should remove the accumulated lint from your machine every week to keep it in the best possible manner.

You can follow the general instructions for cleaning the lint filter of your machine. Make sure that it is dried before you put it back in the desired position for using.

  1. Use vinegar for an empty wash:

This is one of the best ways to thoroughly clean your washing machine and reduce any smells. Of course, don’t worry – your machine won’t smell like vinegar after using this method. However, it will reduce or remove all the unwanted smell from your machine.

All you need to do is to re-plug your washing machine for moving forward with this process. Now add 3 cups of distilled white vinegar in the wash tub of your machine and run a hot water cycle without any clothes in. Allow the wash cycle to get completed as this will minimize and remove all the developed bacteria from the machine.

You can also do this process with hot water, if you don’t have distilled white vinegar. However, using vinegar will give you the best results.

  1. Be regular with maintenance washes:

To keep your washing machine away from the smells, it is recommended to regularly do the maintenance washes. This is one essential need to keep your washing machine in its best form and to deliver the best results.

You can simply run a hot wash cycle with no clothes inside the machine to undergo the required maintenance wash. This will ultimately improve the lifetime of the machine along with keeping it fresh and smelling all good.

So, these are some of the methods by which you can be sure to keep your washing machine away from all kinds of smells. All the mentioned methods are practical to conduct and thus cause no inconvenience to the users. Cleaning your washing machine is an unsaid need which should be on your mind, if you want your clothes to be properly cleaned without any hassles and smells.

Please comment below and let us know which of the methods you find the best and which of the methods delivered you with the best results. Also, if you need any other information or details about properly cleaning your washing machine against the smells, then please get in touch with us. We will provide you with all the required assistance.

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