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Color Code – See What Your Dress Color Says About You

Can colors speak? Or rather, can you read the mind of a lady by the color of her clothes?

If a lady wishes to make an impact on people around then her choice would be a red dress. Similarly, if a man wants to drive home an important message during meetings, his necktie would be red. From this, it is easy to say that red stands for power. Colors say a lot about us, our thoughts and our mood. This is one reason why you see vivid colors in a woman’s closet and she chooses different colors for different purposes.

Fashion designers, today rely on this fact while designing outfits. So, here are facts of what colors to wear for the different occasions.

Pink Fragile

pink frragility

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Earlier pink was chosen for young girls. Today we can see both men and women sporting pink. The choice of the shade and the occasion is what matters. In fact, men feel that a woman wearing pink is delicate and fragile. Reason enough for them to feel protective about her?

Black Command

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Black and mourning used to be connected earlier. Black represents command and decisiveness. In movies, black is identified with anti heroes. Black has a beauty of its own. People wanting to look slim use black. Black is a man’s choice for women in his life.

Blue Trust

blue trust

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Dark blues and grays are good as office wear because they are traditional and conservative. They denote trust, goodwill and authenticity. But, you can enjoy wearing the light shades of blue during the summer to feel soothing and relaxed.

Purple Elegance

purple elegance

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Purple dresses in women show elegance and a rich feel. They make ladies look royal and elite. The lighter shades have a friendly touch.

White Sanctity


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White depicts purity. A bluish tinge or the creamy white is more appealing. More so if the fabric is silk or satin. They are ideal evening wears.

Mixed hues

mixed hues

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Mixing colors is the latest fashion trend. The color choice has become more personal and a way to project self identity. Color choice can tell about a person’s feelings, temperament and personality.

Perhaps a change in dress choice may also change her attitude. If you are thinking about a transformation in your persona, Go ahead make some changes in your wardrobe. Watch the sensation you make and how others react.

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