Lorna - Child sexual abuse online

From The Computer Screen, Uncle Asked Me To Take Off My Clothes & Rub The Thighs!

Money can make people blind, can grow the greed in anyone, but money can kill the humanity to this level  that it could throw an innocent life to this risk was something difficult to gulp. Child sex trade was not something new, but parents making a business out of selling their own child’s flesh online was shocking!

Recently, when Philippine police traced a house and raided it, they found three girls aged 11, seven and three lying naked on the bed. While at the other end of the one bed room house was the mother of two of the children, standing naked. Her eldest daughter 13 was typing on the computer, where the webcam was on and inside were three white men glaring out and instructing what to do to the naked bodies.

This is just one case and the police thought it was not an issue, which could be controlled; however, they were in shock to find there are tens of thousands of live streaming child sex abuse in Philippines. It’s already an industry worth US$1bn.

It’s so scary what the world is taking us to! Children are innocent, they do as per the instructions given and there comes a time they do not feel it is awkward or incorrect because that’s what they have been doing it for years. Do not just think it’s parents who do this, even people whom you know closely perform such nasty things. All we can do is take care of our children and give them the right guidance.

Here’s a video where a little girl named Lorna is been sexually abused online, who was pushed into giving these shows three time a day by her neighbor! You will be shell shocked to listen to her story in this Video:

Take care of your children, give them the right education, the right moral. This is the only way we can curb such heinous crime worldwide.

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