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Consent, Privacy And Humanity – The Three Forgotten Words

Let these words and their meanings sink in your conscience, your soul, your mind, your heart whatever you want to call it. In the recent turn of events, I understood that some unfortunate souls do not have these words in their dictionary. For them it is ok to invade someone’s privacy to build a viral content. For them it is ok to download someone’s photos without their consent for their amusement. For them it is ok to forget the lessons of humanity and write lewd comments or blame the victim and shame them.

I want to ask you all, social media is a beautiful platform created to bring people closer, and since when did we reach to the lowest of derogatory, barbaric and insensitive behavior to exploit this platform? A few days back one of my friend’s photo was stolen from her private account and circulated as a meme. Some had the audacity to track her profile down, shame her and accuse her for doing this for fame.

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It is not okay to let the insane people continue with their insensitive activities! It is not okay for you to just continue letting people troll you! It is not okay for you to not raise your voice against such illicit activities. You have to raise your voice and make sure people across the social media platforms hear you. Because, if you don’t speak out about these inhuman activities, people will continue to shame you and victimize you. So, let’s make a small effort of spreading the news of such social media activities and also secure our profiles to stop unknown people from viewing our profiles.

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