Cost-Effective Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover

Giving your house a makeover is a costly affair. But if you’re one of those people who want a fresh look but don’t want to spend a lot on it the same time. Then the best approach to do so is by using some smart home decor ideas that fit your budget. Here are a few things you can try.

1. Paint the Walls


Add a splash of colour to your walls, but choose wisely as colours have a psychological effect on your mind. Yellow gives a warm, happy sunshine feeling; Blue is a calming a colour which is also known to decrease your blood pressure, while red is a passionate and exciting colour perfect to set the mood for some alone time with your partner;  Green is one of the most soothing colours for your eyes and is known to be restorative, mind-clearing and reduce anxiety. On the other hand, colours can affect the perception of space. Dark colours give an illusion of a smaller room while light colours give the room an enlarged feel.

2. Light it Up!

Lighting is an essential part of interior designing, as it provides illumination, enhances the aesthetic appeal and the ambience of the living space. Lighting needs to be functional and serve a purpose or else it’s just a waste of electricity. For example, Chandeliers are not only used for their grandeur look and the centrally themed placement but because they provide excellent illumination for the place. You can use ambient lighting for living room, task lighting in the kitchen and study and accent lighting for the area you would like to highlight.

2. Repaint the Furniture

At times you can return your old furniture to a new shot on life by simply adding a coat of varnish or paint. Pick a colour that compliments the walls or the floor. Alternately, consider removing the paint off your furniture, smooth it down with sandpaper, and resealing it for a rich natural look. instead of repainting, you can also try covering your furniture in wallpaper. This creates unique patterned furniture.

4. Declutter

Decluttering will make your apartment look bigger, brighter and more attractive. The method by which you declutter a certain room will vary depending on the quantity of clutter in the room. Begin by moving out of the room and taking a good look at it. Ask yourself whether you still need or want this item? Walkthrough the space and examine each item. Question yourself if it makes you happy. If it does not or it is of no practical use, donate it or a give it to a friend.

5. Screens Up

Instead of using blinds, invest in curtains for your windows. In a bedroom or living room, floor-length drapes can give the room a larger look.

6. Get New Pieces


Check out your local shops for artwork, vases or other decorative custom pieces like poster frames or funny doormats that could grant some life to the different rooms of your home. Unique doormats and art pieces gives your home a more personal touch. If you don’t get anything to your taste, search online or a home goods emporium. You can also find new ways to utilise objects you already own. If you’re trying for a rustic look, you could plant flowers in a watering container and install it in your living room or kitchen.

7. Find Ways to Repurpose Old Ones

If your buddies or family are refurbishing their homes, ask them if you can have their old cupboards, doorknobs, countertops, and so on. Go see your local tailor and buy inexpensive pieces of cloth you could use to craft unique window shades.

8. Conceal it, Don’t Let Them Know

If you have imperfections on the walls that disturbs the visual flow of the space, organise your furniture in such a way that the offending part becomes veiled. For example, put a couch or a desk in front of a damaged wall.

9. Refurbish the Old Dining Area

Try the amazing high chairs instead of bar stools or vice-versa. You can also get some new styles of chairs at your kitchen table. If you’re going for a more rustic look, check out an antique store for some traditional wooden chairs, or sand down and renovate the chairs you have.

10. Ditch the Old Kitchen Cabinets

If you have simple wooden cabinets, try sanding them down and repainting them. If you own painted cabinets, paint them a different colour. Avoid cutting out your cabinets, as it will be a lot cheaper to simply repair your current cabinets than to get new ones. Use light colours like white to give your kitchen bright and open feel. Two-tone cupboards can seem great if you pick two complementary colours, but that will also mean more work.

11. Put Some New Sheets On

The best means to revive a bedroom is to get a fresh set of sheets. Changing the bed sheet set frequently keeps the room looking fresh and blocks feelings of boredom.

12. Change The Accessories

Use aesthetic accessories to give your bathroom an edge. Get a new and more beautiful soap dish or scented candles. You can store cotton swabs and bandages in little ceramic dishes and set them along the counter.

13. Go Green


Using a hanging plant or a potted plant can make an old room/space seem fresh. Use of colourful pots and placing pretty wildflowers on the balcony counter will enhance the beauty of the space.

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