How to Create a Slice of Paradise in Your Very Own Backyard

The simple beauty of the backyard is often underrated. Yet, with a gorgeous garden to come home to, even people living in the busiest of cities can enjoy their own slice of nature. By using creative, dynamic landscaping design to elevate and transform, it is possible to construct extraordinary outdoor havens, which are unique to the people who own them.

If your backyard is looking a little lacklustre at the moment, turning it into something magical might sound like a real challenge. However, the thing about great landscaping is that it builds upon existing strengths. That shady patch at the bottom of the garden becomes a hidden hideaway. The awkwardly sloping bank provides the foundation for a rockery.

These clever landscaping tips will help you find the inner Zen in your garden and create an outdoor space that makes you smile.

Get Away from the World

If you want a backyard which soothes and relaxes, particularly after a long week at work, there needs to be a sense of isolation and seclusion. However, as most people live in tightly packed neighbourhoods, it’s all about faking it. Use trees, fencing, walls, or trellis to shut the noise and drama of the world out. Don’t be afraid to get creative; tall tress with spindly trunks have a striking aesthetic and they provide cover, while still letting light into the garden.

Keep the Colour Palette Simple

There’s nothing quite like the first bursts of colour which signal the start of springtime. The sight of so many vibrant blooms popping up in gardens and meadows tells keen gardeners that the conditions are right for planting. Yet, if it’s relaxation that you’re going for, it’s best to limit your colour palette to two or three shades. This will stop it from looking overly busy and crying out for energy, rather than peace and quiet.

Welcome the Wildlife

The right landscaping features can turn a humdrum backyard into a paradise for all manner of critters and creatures. If you want to attract butterflies, plant vivid flowers like calendula, alyssum, aster, daylily, and delphinium. Climbing vines are a big hit with hummingbirds and bumble bees love lavender and geraniums. Your garden doesn’t need to be completely quiet or still to be relaxing. In fact, it should be full of action; just make it the kind that allows you to sit back and be a spectator.

Indulge Your Senses

Creating a backyard retreat is about more than just the visual. Where possible, appeal to your other senses too, particularly touch and smell. Herbs are a great way to add gorgeous fragrances to a garden without attracting too many flying insects. Plant creeping thyme along walkways and between garden pavers. Sow beds of enticing peppermint and ginger around your favourite hideaway spots, because pleasant smells calm the nerves.

Make It a Practical Space

You could have the most impressive flower beds in town, but their appeal is limited if you can’t get outside and enjoy them. So, don’t forget to factor in the need for practical features and accessories. They can be as extensive or as minimalist as you like. While decks and patios may add significant value to a property, they’re not right for everybody. Some gardeners prefer to keep things simple with rustic benches, archways, and water features.

Why Professional Landscape Design is a Worthy Investment

Even if you’re quite an experienced gardener, you can still benefit from the innovation and creativity which good landscape design provides. With an expert team for support, there are no limits on your ambitions. If you’ve always dreamed about a fairytale grotto, find a designer who can make it happen. If you want a backyard which can rival the rooftop gardens of Manhattan, don’t just talk about it – make it a reality.

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