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Dark Realities Of Women!

Rape is a major crime in countries across the globe but being in India, one of the most brutal one I came across was the 23 year old been gangraped. This particular rape case in Delhi drew million voices from the nation. It ought to be, women need protections from crime. Laws were amended, fast track courts were established but where is the solution? It’s been three years and one of the rapists is out on Bail while others are yet to be given the capital punishment. Well, drop the sluggish Indian courts or crime against women debate for later, instead let’s talk something which is rarely spoken about. Men as Victims and Women as Culprits!

Laws are made to protect women not to misuse and thrust them upon men! When a woman is attacked she receives sympathy from men, women regardless of their age. There are women centric Institutions, non-governmental organisations, trusts to make sure it reaches the woman been attacked. How often have you heard of organisations or trusts for male victims? Leave that, to my experience people were surprised when I said acid attack on men or he was raped! No doubt they would be in a shock as this is rarely heard, spoken or even reported. There are no strict laws for women against men. Women can be culprits, hidden behind her innocent mask of dual personalities, who smartly use the laws against innocent men.

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Reporting False Crimes Against Men

In the year 2000, only 7.5% of all crimes against men reported by women were declared into false category. To the horrifying truth that disclosed only after the 2012 research, which takes the number on a high sweep to 48% fake cases charged against men.

Justice S Nagamuthu quoting National Crime Records Bureau data said, “So far as crimes against women are concerned, the statistics show that in rape, dowry death, harassment of married women and outraging modesty of women, the percentage of false cases are 7.4%, 6.6%, 9.6% and 5.8% respectively.”

“Most of the sexual harassment complaints are lodged due to extraneous reasons after relationships go terribly wrong.” Said a Veteran lawyer S Duraisamy of Chennai Court.

According to Former Special Public Prosecutor for Human Rights Court Mr. V Kannadasan, most of the complaints are lodged out of relationship failure and frustration.

“In one case, a girl about to be 18 years old is seen filming her sexual act with a man. The MMS clipping clearly shows she is a consenting and an active partner in the act. But a rape complaint was entertained against the man, who was found guilty and awarded imprisonment for seven years.”

Is this a justice? Show pity on women who are victims of crime not the culprits! Men feel the same pain as women do. Men accused in fake cases suffer a humiliation, loss of money, working hours, time and mental peace. Not only they lose their image in society and family but also lose their employment and may not get back easily.

The recent case of Jasleen Kaur from New Delhi is a fresh example of such women who misuse Indian laws and social media platforms to defame an innocent and to become temporarily famous. Rohtak Sisters was also a surprise to many, the problem here is Media. Had such women’s black faces covered by media and exposed, people like us wouldn’t surprise much. The still not resolved Indrani Mukerjee case adds fuel into the pyre of crime ignited by women.

The Fake Cases Reported Don’t Lie

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India has considered Domestic Violence as a crime and have made laws, gives relief and protection. – ONLY FOR WOMEN! Those women who rant about equality in terms of gender discrimination and safety rights should actually research before giving statements.

  • Every year more than 10,000 complaints of dowry harassment are found to be false.
  • About 10% of rape victims are men.
  • And Section 375 IPC only talks about Women Rape and NO word for MEN being Raped.

Having a patriarchal thinking, Indian males feel shameful to disclose being beaten up by their female partners. While some have the courage to tell the truth, they are shoved away by friends and family, reminding them about the male superiority and physical strength. Reporting police, seems useless as there are NO laws for men. They are not seen as victims.  “Mard ko Dard nahi hota” (Men do not feel pain) extols and supports emotional castration of boys from a very young age. It teaches them to be tolerative or be abusive as to defend yourself. Owing to this social conditioning since they grow up, majority of male victims wear a plastic smile and hide their scars and suffer in sequestration.

Physical violence and threats against men by wives and their relatives are estimated to 3 crore men, who are facing domestic violence in India. Is this a small number?

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Women when shouts their views on Equality, they should also see men as equal. If she is a victim, there are chances that even men can be! Many women wear a dual personality mask to shadow their misdeeds and use Indian laws to support their crime. Men and Women both need to wake up to the reality and check the dark side of women before they put men into question boxes.

Not all men are rapists and abusive. Investigate before being judgmental, Women can also be Culprits!

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