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7 Day-to-Day Basic Things You Can Do For A Healthy-Glowing Skin!

Life is too short with so many things to achieve and these days we all are becoming too health conscious, well one should be! When we talk about our skin, we have done everything for its health and beauty – Cosmetics, technology, this scrub… that gel.. spas.. eat healthy and what not. How about we just do simple day to day things without a miss and get a glowing healthy skin, without much efforts? Here are some of simple and basic things that we can do in our day to day routine to ensure health skin:

1. Practice deep breathing 
Shift your body’s balance of oxygen versus carbon dioxide in favor of energizing, stress-squashing oxygen by doing slow, controlled breathing exercises.

2. Get active 
Walk for at least 30 minutes in a day
 Staying active boosts circulation, which delivers more nutrients to cells and skin. It also increases lung capacity, so you can take in more oxygen; lifts your spirits and sense of well being; and fights age-related diseases. And, for many, it’s the ultimate stress buster.

3. Eat Healthy
A diet high in soluble fiber, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, essential fatty acids from nuts and fish plus copious fluid is generally recommended, along with reductions in sugar, white flour, refined and processed oils, sources of trans fatty acids and dairy products. Protein is key to avoiding mood swings and energy dips. It helps you maintain a healthy blood sugar balance, which in turn keeps certain hormones (including insulin) in check.

4. Focus on the good things
Write down things that you are grateful for which will help you put brakes on negative thoughts

5. Stretch out your sleep 
Make it a goal to sleep as many hours as you need to feel alive and productive the next day – all day.

6. Take a time-out 
For most of us, life is so hyper scheduled and speedy that we never do absolutely nothing. It’s rare to set aside time to simply be – no agenda, no demands, no plan. Find a comfortable, quiet spot to sit for 10 to 15 minutes every day, stop all your hustling and bustling . . . and simply, by yourself, be still.

7. Cuddle or have sex 
Enjoy a little intimacy.  All kinds of age-defying, beauty-promoting events happen during sex as three seductive hormones spill out of the brain: endorphin, a natural opiate, which contributes to that delicious high; prolactin, which gives you that relaxing, tension-zapping ahh; and soothing oxytocin, which promotes feelings of affection and triggers a nurturing instinct.

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