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DDLJ 1000 Weeks – Remembering the Magical Moments!!

Aisa Pehli bar hua he…Sathra Athra Saalo me…Andekha Anjaana sa koi…aane Laga he Khayalo me!!! Ok…I already got goosebumps all over my hands writing this first line about the Epic movie, DDLJ… The most loved film of Bollywood.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge is not just a film…it is an epic, a film that is complete in every sense. May it be about the love, romance, father daughter relation or the Hindustani dil in it… the film is something that each one of us, young and old, can relate to. Even today, every time I watch it on television, I simply keep the remote aside and enjoy repeating every dialogue of the film along with the characters. This December, DDLJ completes a total 1000 weeks at box office and so, its time to refresh the beautiful moments of the film.

ddlj- train scene

Here is a small tribute to one of Bollywood’s classic movies that will be cherished for yet another lifetime.

Pops and son… Opochi okoka obobi olola

ddlj-father son

Shah Rukh and Anupam Kher looked rocking in the film, especially with their naughty dad and son characters and the dialogues that are still remembered for their funkiness.

Maa and Simran…love and friendship

ddlj- simran n mom

The beautiful relation of Kajol and Farida Jalal in the film, as daughter and mother is too touching. The way simran recites her poems to her mom, and sings Mere Khwabon mein jo aaien…in the rain, is something that still makes people whistle in the theaters.

The adarsh husband and wife relation

ddlj- wife calling hubby

Tussi pohoch gaye ji? Oh how adorable Farida jalal looked when she would ask this dialogue to her husband after he reached his store in London. The relation showcased the adarsh pati and patni relation perfectly in the film.

Friends Europe and fun

ddlj- friends

The lush green mountains and valleys, the impeccably gorgeous scenic locations and the fun filled thrilling experience of exploring Europe with friends… I bet, there are girls and boys who wish to go on a trip like this even today.

Budding Love and Senorita

ddlj- senorita

Senorita… Bade bade deshon me aisi choti choti baatein… hoti rehti he!

Every time SRK said this dialogue in the film, I still remember the audience repeating it with him. The dialogue is one of the most famous dialogues in DDLJ and perhaps the most memorable one as well.

Tujhe Dekha to ye jaana Sanam… and the yellow Sarson ke khet

ddlj- sarson

This song, this scene and the emotions in it…well I have no words to describe the beauty of it at all. The classic scene where Raj comes to meet Simran in Punjab, amidst the beautiful sarson ke khet… it can still make a dead heart beating. This is my favorite scene in the entire film.

Shaadi and Nach gaana

ddlj- mahendi laga ke rakhna

Mehendi laga ke rakhna…doli saja ke rakhna… the movie was a complete family drama…also including every wedding ceremony with such fineness. Whether it was choosing the banarasi sadi… or serving lassi in huge glasses to guests, the wedding plot in the film was equally beautiful.

The perfect climax fighting scene

ddlj- fight scene

How can a hindi movie be complete without some dhishum dhishum? DDLJ, a complete scene also had this climax fighting plot that increased the adrenaline rush amongst the audience as well.

Ja simran ja…jee le apni zindagi…


The minute Amrish Puri delivered this dialogue in the film, tears would start rolling down the eyes of every girl and woman who watched the film. The most emotional dialogue of the film and also the most famous scene in the movie…with simran (Kajol) running on the platform…wearing her heavy lehenga to catch Raj’s (SRK) hand for the happily ever after…Oh.. how we loved the film.

For DDLJ… it’s truly… Come Fall in Love!!

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