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Dear Bride-To-Be – Don’t Overdo With Your Jewellery!

India is an amazingly vibrant country. We cherish different colors and festivities that project the bling and liveliness of our life. Similarly, Indian weddings also portray in a big way how important colors and bling is for us. And once we talk about Indian weddings, you cannot stop your mind from straying away to the majestic and always gorgeous bridal jewellery. The tikka, bandi, platinum necklace, bangles and kamarband, all hold too much importance. But, there stands a fine line of difference between wearing just the perfect amount of jewellery and being overly covered with bridal jewellery.

As the wedding season sets in there are a lot of marriages happening and it is important to make the right choices for having the perfect wedding. The person in a wedding which is always in the spotlight in a wedding is the bride. Hence, it is vital for a bride to make the right choices on the wedding day to be the perfect showstopper!

Brides especially have an unconditioned craze and love for jewellery which is totally understandable. But what is mostly witnessed is that brides sometimes go overboard with their choices in jewellery. There is a thin line between what is fantastic and overdoing it. Brides need to be careful with this and make sure that they buy jewellery sensibly, wear minimal but wear beautiful.


The most common mistakes which brides make include –

  1. Most importantly, wearing the wrong jewellery
  2. Wearing heavy clothes
  3. And overdoing the make up

Rather than wearing a lot of jewellery, opt for the classy way! Minimal is the new in! Buy jewellery which is minimal, classy and attractive.

We give you three tips to be the perfect looking bride!

Tip 1: Jewellery is all about designs, the patterns and the weight. Choose beautiful delicate jewellery for yourself that compliments your bridal look perfectly. A beautiful diamond studded platinum necklace set perfectly in your neck would just look perfect on your wedding day. Pair with them an elegant platinum earring and bracelet to complete your bridal look.

Tip 2: Make sure you choose bridal clothes that make you comfortable. Choose something lightweight which is stylish, easy to carry and looks perfect with your jewellery. For this beautiful season, choose vibrant colors like rose pink, beige and plum for your wedding day which not only highlight the season, but also your platinum jewellery.

Tip 3: Once your bridal dress and jewellery are all sorted off, it gets important that you choose to do only that much makeup that actually enhances your look. For your bridal look, choose makeup shades that most importantly brightens up your beauty and compliments your skin.

Feature image: Maharani Weddings

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