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Dear Future Husband, 12 Things I Want You To Know!

Relationships are made in heaven for sure but maintaining is in our hands, solely! Few couples do not discuss very important things in their life, their interests or likes and dislikes before they get hitched, which results to many problems later. To have a beautiful wedding one needs to understand each other and make sure that they fulfill the interests mutually; however, how is it possible without even sharing what kind of person you are and what is that makes you happy or unhappy?
Here, we have tried to pull out some of the essential things we guess every woman would like to tell her husband for a perfect marriage. If you find any more reasons to be in a happy marriage, do not hesitate to mention below:


1.You have been and you will always be allowed to hang out with your friends as much as you wish.

2. There would be no interference between you and your video games Because I will be the  Player 2!


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3. You can wear what you want to! I would only give my suggestions, considering the same is solely your decision and there won’t be any naraz hona, rona dhona!

4. I will love and respect your parents and siblings but in return, I expect the same.

5. I love shopping but that doesn’t mean I would want you to accompany me all the time. You can come whenever you like to, there’s no force!

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6. I have grown up living with my friends and post marriage would continue to do so; the only difference is I will change the home!

7. Though I would cook your favourite dishes Monday to Saturday, there’s one day I will love to be with you in the kitchen – cooking, talking and hugging now and then!


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8. Whenever you feel low, be it emotionally, physically or a business failure. I will always be there for you.

9. Marriage is a huge step for both of us, I may not be a quick learner but will appreciate if you could adjust a bit here and there.


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10. Marriage doesn’t stop you appreciating beautiful women nor it stops me making men friends! Keeping our limits intact, we both should know what message we are passing out.

11. We both should equally understand our physical, emotional and financial needs.

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12. If I am earning more than you on any month/day/year in my life, I won’t let that spoil our relationship.


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