Dear Mother - 2

Dear Maa, I Love You – A Letter From A Daughter!

Dearest Mother,

It’s been few weeks, I am married and trust me you are being missed, big time! There’s no one else in the entire world, who can make a space in my post marriage memories, but you, not that I am not happy.. I am very happy with my husband and his family, which is mine now! But mumma, it’s you.. Nothing can be compared with you!

I remember my big day when you were bidding me a goodbye, I looked at the car’s rear view mirror to get a glance of you and pappa which also said, OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR and that’s all, I always keep this in my mind. My first teacher, you have sent me on a one way road.. how strange it is, but my name or address both are changed now, but do not worry mother, no matter if I will have to drive on the wrong side, I will come and meet you. You know why? Because you will always be my origin, from where I had commenced.

Dear Mother - 1

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Mom, there were no U-turns from the road I began post marriage, otherwise there is nothing which could stop me from being with you. Really, why god has created a figure like you, on whose mention, my memories start playing emotional flutes and all I do is go inside my bedroom, pick your photograph and cry! This is your magic mumma, who can understand it better than you? I can still picture hundreds of childhood memories with you, just by closing my eyes for minutes. I recall, I made you drive nuts while you taught me walk, play, read, write, manners, cooking, maintaining relations and what not? I wonder, will I be able to ace all these ever as a mother?

When I had mood swings during and before my period, you were the one who understood,  without even me framing it for you. Mom, have you ever noticed whenever anyone sneezes, has cut her finger or even has fallen off speaks out ‘Mummy’? Be it a 5 year old kid or a 30 year old man, mother connect them all. Biologically, the umbilical cord had detached us when I was born but I don’t think it has disappeared at all. You still feel my pain and happiness, my hunger and desires. That great is my bond with you.

Dear Mother - 3

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You know well, a mere fever had stolen all your peace, when my crush had broke my heart, it was you who had cried more than me, then why? I want to ask this world, why a daughter has to leave and why mother has to send her? Won’t I need my mother? Won’t I remember all those 25 years I spent with you? Why all of a sudden you showed me a new person to live my entire life, a new house and a new life? I know.. you might be thinking what to answer!

No force mother, I haven’t forgotten what you had told me last time, “You are my strong girl. This is how world works, woman are so beautiful, pure, magical in and out that, god created a law called ‘Marriage’, where a daughter can spread her generosity and kindness at her husband’s place balancing even more responsibilities, showering more happiness which they might not had enough. See, women are so strong and so are you.” “Be a faithful and loving wife, good daughter-in-law and an ideal mother.”

I know, you won’t tell me what kind of daughter you want me to be, as you know my love for you will always be unconditional irrespective of the time that flies with huge wings. I am writing this to my mother, hope someday my daughter will read and perceive the depth of this Mother-Daughter relation!

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