Dear Women, When Did We Lose The Touch With Ourselves?

Woman’s Day. Must be expecting the most rebellious form of article to ‘Empower Women’! And why not? It’s the day dedicated to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. When television channels would be broadcasting the heated-debates speaking to brighten the blurred sides of women. When radio channels would be busy speaking up for the rights, on the behalf of women. When websites would be flooded the feminist articles, to throw light on the injustice society has been doing to women. When social media would stage lifted quotes and speeches, to promote their vested interests to gain fame and attention. Hold your breath, right there. Pause. And inhale the beauty in you!

Dear women, it’s high time; you open your eyes and mind. No, the charming one! No! It isn’t about being suppressed or oppressed by the evil forces around; just because of your gender. Rather, it’s about holding your chin up, and walk ahead in grace. Don’t you feel, there’s too much of ‘Feminism’ blowing through the air? Agreed, injustice is done to women. They have been dragged down to adhere to the patriarchal will. But that happens to humanity every time, it weakens self! Remember, when Britishers got a hold on Indian land? Or when the upper caste got the authority to disparage the lower caste? The domination takes the ruling position, when the acceptance of slavery happens in mind!

Let’s rewind, and look back into the mythology. Draupadi, got humiliated in the court full of men. Even her husbands, stood with their heads down in shame. None, spoke aloud against the injustice. That was the time, Draupadi decided to question. Instead of acting victimised, she hold the courage to question. It’s than when, her husbands took a vow to kill each one in the court who humiliated their wife. The same husbands, who formerly stood muted in slavery. They went out in aggression, and fought for the sake of their wife’s pride and justice.

Pre-independence era too, sites such women of dignity. No male-chauvinist society, pulled down the courage and shine of Rani Laxmibai. Criticisms might have crossed her path, but the determination and will power overlooked them all; and up-surged the hurdle. Sunitha Krishnan, is present day’s live example of power a women’s soul beholds. Being gang-raped by 8 men, at the age of 15, could have been a moment of crash. On the contrary, Sunitha came out with the shinning armour and be the rescuer for thousands of other. Today, she has undertaken the path to serve the victims of human-trafficking & psychiatric rehabilitation.

These ain’t one in a million stories, where women ‘got lucky’ to voice against injustice and paved the path of justice. Many untold, hidden stories rests beneath the pages of history, midst the hustle-bustle of city-lives and disconnected villages faraway. What made them all triumph their dignity, isn’t the fight against the society, but the affirmation of self-strength that they hold within. So dear women, cease the moment of claiming and fighting for injustice. Stop being the victim, and ‘asking’ for justice. The moment you start asking, you give the power of your dignity into someone else’s hands. It’s already their within you; stop ‘asking’ for it, just unfold it and utilise it.

Since long, the world has been en-cashing for themselves, by speaking & fighting on behalf of you. Don’t lend your reign, in their hands. It belongs to you. Solely, You! Meanwhile, retain your feminine nature and embrace it thoroughly. Don’t let the ‘Feminist’ tag, take away the elegance and grace of your being. Don’t loose the touch, with your self; while seeking out for recognition – that vitally runs through your nerves & soul! Set your spirit free and dive deep into your dreams to make them a reality. Time has come to liberate yourself of tags, and jog on self-crafted path! Just as Vivekanada has quoted, “The idea of Womanhood is perfect independence!”

P.S.: Lovely Ladies, Happy Independence Day to you’ll, on this very Women’s Day!

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