Decorate Christmas Tree

Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Special Themes

Lights, jingles, Santa’s, stars and more! These are just a few decors that we use most commonly to decorate our Christmas Trees. But, if you wish to make your Christmas special, here are a few tips to help you out. Make special customized themes for this Christmas and decorate your Xmas tree based on these beautiful themes.

Santa Workshop Theme

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Make your Christmas Tree colorful with beautiful red, green and golden ornament balls. Use shimmery reindeers and small Santa’s to decorate the tree. Use a eccentric elf as the Christmas Tree Topper.

Family photos theme

family theme

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Take memorable snaps of your family and glue them on silver or golden paper. Add other trims and frame thick them with cardboard pieces. Add vintage decors and fill the boughs with small kumquates and apples. Use lights that match the main décor ornaments to add more beauty to the theme.

Gold Glittery Theme

golden theme

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Make your own Golden Christmas Tree. Use glittery cursive, white lights, golden gleaming balls, etc. Every ornament you choose should be glittery and golden. Use a string of yellow lights and position them in such a way that they don’t overlap and still add glow to the other ornaments.

Colorful theme

colorful theme

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If you are bored with the same décor and lights, it’s time to get funky. Decorate your Christmas Tree with different colors and make it just as colorful as you want it to be. Use white lights, blue, red, pink, and any other colored balls you like to decorate the tree. Use polka dot ribbons, Hand-written messages and colorful garlands. This will give your Christmas Tree a very youthful and funny look.

Winter blue and silver theme

blue and silver theme

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Its winter and almost everything seems to be blue or silvery. Give your Christmas Tree this wintery blue and silver look with soft white lights, blue ribbons, white and silver beaded garlands and the fun disco balls. For the tree topper, use a beautiful blue and silver flower or star to give the perfect look.

Snowman Theme

snowman theme


Celebrate Christmas with the snowman theme Christmas tree. Buy an artificial white based Christmas Tree or spray paint your entire Christmas Tree with white paint. Use black glittery balls to make the buttons of the snowman and silver branches to make his hands. Position your rain boots at the bottom to make the feet. Wrap your red scarf around the head of the tree and place a papier-mache snowman head as the tree topper. Keep it simple with very few white lights and silver balls.

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