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Decorating Your Home For Lord Ganesha!

Those flickering lights, the fragrance of incense sticks, those beautiful Rangolis enhances the beauty of Ganesha placed in that huge pandal. We would give you some of the most beautiful and elegant decoration ideas, which may come handy to decorate the idol of Lord Ganesha at. Show your inner creativity to decorate the pandal with lot of love and devotion for your Ganpati Bappa.


Make sure you choose a theme for Ganesh Chaturthi wisely and try to include it in your decoration items. Some people choose an eco-friendly theme, where even the idol is made out of eco-friendly products. The decoration items are made from earthy items like pots, diyas and banana leaves.

You may also choose cartoon based themes, Shiv-Parvati based theme, jewelry theme, pyramid theme, chocolate theme or even a sweet theme.

Create a set up

Based on your theme, design your setup and choose decoration items that compliment your theme. For instance, using Marigold flowers and Asoka tree flowers is a great way to add beauty to your eco-friendly theme. You may also install the smallest thing, that you feel will blend perfectly with the theme.

If you have a silver jewelry theme, choose huge beautifully carved silver stands to add more beauty to your theme. Similarly, if it is a flower theme, make sure you get all the flowers you need to give your decoration the best look.

For a chocolate theme, make small decorations made out of sweets and chocolate, right from the entrance of the pandal.

Choose a good Pedestal

Lord Ganesha idols are always placed on a beautiful high pedestal. Choose beautiful high pedestal to add more beauty to the idol. Choose the pedestal, suiting your theme and set up.


Apart from the decoration on the ground, you may also choose to decorate the roof of the pandal with flowers baskets, lanterns, lights and beads. This will give your pandal a distinctive look.


Use flowers with a lot of grace and planning all through the pandal. Use flower petals to make beautiful rangolis and flower bouquets to make hanging balls that can be hung from the ceiling.


Cover the pathway to Lord Ganesha with traditional and colorful rangolis. You can make swastikas, Om and even the beautiful image of Lord Ganesha on the floors. Moreover, you may either choose to do these rangolis with colors or with the petals of flowers.

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