Defining Education –A Student’s Personal View!

“Education is that what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in school.

‘It’s a rat race’, where everyone wants to attain the #No.1 spot or be supreme over the other rats. In order to achieve this spot, humanity or kindness never ever comes into picture but what comes into play is how well one manipulates things by any damn means. The world is a edifice built on the twin foundations of money and lust. And like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the edifice is bent, because one foundation is more dominating than the other. Our world has become like this.

“No, I want my child to study, even if I have to pay a huge amount of money to the educational institutions. I want him to get what I did not get in my childhood”. These are some lines which are said by the parents of this modern era. Every parent tries their level best to provide quality education to his ward and to fulfill their dreams. They spend a lump-sum so that their child is able to study in the best educational institution. The ward is never given an opportunity to think beyond the box around which he grows up. One needs to break the shackles. Parents want their kids to succeed, but there is no point in imposing their dreams which they couldn’t achieve on their children. This only results in pressure on the child’s brain and this pressure may lead the child to take wrong steps.

The Education Industry

Education was something that was driven by thought and devotion. Now, it is no more a noble cause but has become a business or one can say it is Commercialized. Nowadays you can see education institutes in every nook & corner of any urban city. The agenda of Education is hijacked & education institutes only concentrate on generating profit. Now one can find hundreds of Engineering & MBA institutes in each state. As a result now we have a whole new industry THE EDUCATIONAL INDUSTRY producing millions of graduates every year with no place to go and no work in hand because in the end, it is the quality that matters & not the quantity.

The Coaching institutes are poaching the student’s interests and their inclination towards anything that is not related to study. Parents enroll their wards into these institutes as early as from class VII. The age when even students don’t know what shit Engineering is, they are prepared for the IIT’s and all other millions of colleges. These institutes have become so commercial that they are least concerned about the child’s future but more concerned about the money.

Central to this issue is the changing equations of the role of a teacher. The most sacred and the most important job in the world is that of a teacher. A teacher, hidden in the shadow of the student, must guide him to move ahead and resurrect the broken society. From the time when education started, its first phase of commercialization, the responsibilities of the teacher too, have been compromised. It is painful to note that people are beginning to view it as just another job which helps them earn their bread & butter. When a person graduates, more often than not, the last job that he/she applies for is the job of the teacher. While we are a society built with the bricks of fallacies concrete of misguided principles, the notion, that the job of a teacher is a lesser one, filled with so much ignorance and falsity, one can only be equated with sacrilege and blasphemy.

These Institutes are smart enough that they concentrate only on those students who score more, for e.g If a coaching institutes has 100 students and 20 score well then those 20 are given special coaching and if they do well in the final exam they go up on posters for the promotions for the classes but the real ability of institution lies in that they work hard behind the remaining 80 students but the sad story is that this does not happen.

I watched “3 idiots” recently and it got me thinking that our system creates more Chaturs (A character in the movie who symbolizes most students in India) rather than aspiring to create more Rancho. When that happens, our education system would be a better place for everyone no matter what marks or rank they get.

This is not what “I” as an individual or “you” as an individual can do. Many “I’s” have to come together and give rise to a “we” and this “we” will be able to convey this message to the world.

“The true idea of education is to create minds not careers”

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