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Dietary Notes for Today’s Women

The family is the entity of our society and the core element of every happy & healthy family is the WOMAN, who is a Mother, Sister, Wife & Daughter. Along these lines, women comprise half of society and they are chiefly responsible for their families’ overall health. She has to keep up her good health to deal with family responsibilities & office workload, on daily basis. Eating well is very important to avoid various illnesses in later years. They are supposed to take nutrient-dense meals & follow exercise regime, to stay hale and hearty. But this does not happen in case of most of the women around us, because of lack of time.

A well balanced diet facilitates in strengthening their reproductive organs for normal functioning, especially during her 20’s & 30’s. Because, women’s bodies modulate all through their lifetime viz. adolescence (menstruation phase), pregnancy, maternity (lactation period), weight gain, menopause (maturity), etc., they require special nutritional care. During the years of menstruation, body’s requirement for iron increases as it needs to produce more blood to form for the loss of blood in periods. The nutritional requirements for iron, calcium, vit D, folic acid & protein is towards higher end in case of women.  So, they should satiate themselves with an adequate amount of nutrients that’ll look after their immune system. Many studies found that women are more prone to health risks than men. Therefore, it becomes very important for a woman to have a nutritious diet at every age to stay healthy.

issues women face

Over the last two decades, focus on women’s health issues has been increased. Changing lifestyles & demanding life schedules have predisposed women to various health issues like:

Unexpected weight gain is a major public issue faced by nearly all women in every part of the globe. But the unseen truth is:- Women, who usually prepare meals all the time, by and large have preference for snack-related calorie dense comfort foods that automatically increase the weight.

Ways to Make Healthy Food Choices:-

Comfort Foods Better Choice
Packaged fruit juice Homemade vegetable soup (unstrained)
Biscuits/ muffins/ cookies/ chips/ wafers Air puffed popcorns/ roasted makhana
Ice-cream Curd/ yogurt (no added salt or sugar)
Fried savories (sev-bhujia/ namkeen) Cheese cube/ roasted chana
Soft drink/ energy drink Coconut water/ lemon water/ whey protein shake

Every woman must include following foodstuffs:

  • Nuts : Walnuts/ Almonds/ Flax seeds/ Coconut (fresh kernel or water)
  • Vegetables : Spinach/ Carrot/ Beetroot/ Sweet potato
  • Dairy products: Skim milk/ Whey protein
  • Cereals : Oatmeal/ Brown rice
  • Fruits : Lemon/ Orange/ Apple/ Guava
  • Beverage : Green tea/ Ginger tea
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