Divorce Made Me Happier & Stronger Than Ever – Sunita Rawal

Everyone who takes birth comes with a fortune, but unfortunate I was, as God forgot his bit on my turn. I simply don’t know whom to curse, my fate or karma.

Right from my childhood I could say that happiness and peace was something that I was not blessed with. I was the first daughter and the eldest sibling of my family. My father and mother wanted a SON. They tried not twice but thrice and ended up having DAUGHTERS.

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Since childhood I & my younger sisters were a victim of poverty, child abuse and domestic violence by our drunk father. I started handling the household at the tender age of 8 years. I used to study, help my mother, take care of my younger sisters and also worked as a maid to help my parents financially.

Time changed and we all grew up by helping each-other and being the strength of each-other in the family. Even though the ladies of the house were the bread earners, we were also a prey of male dominance. Accepting the bitter fate, the love and respect for my mother grew deeper and so did the dis-respect for my father.

My whole concentration was to give good standard of living and morals to my family. I assured that me and my sisters work really hard to uplift the family which we succeeded. All credit goes to my mother as she taught us time management and money management.

As things were falling on the place, it was my age and time to get married & settled. Unlike others I was a self made lady with dignity. I never wanted to go for an arranged marriage.

The day came when I met a suitable guy and had a love affair for two long years. In the third year of the relationship my parents wanted us to get married and with all the blessing from both the sides we got married. He was from a well-to-do family. He was born and brought up in luxury and established background.

We were married, there was love and everything that we wanted. Soon after the wedding we decided to have a baby. I got pregnant on the third month after my marriage. Soon after my marriage, my mother-in-law and father-in-law started harassing me.

When I went to my mother’s place during the time I was pregnant, my mother-in-law did some black magic on my husband. I was 8 months pregnant when I was specially called upon home. My husband literally gave me a shock by telling that he had an affair with another lady and my in-laws took our relationship for a nice ride. I was Pregnant and I was stressed like anything. In the midnight I was thrown out of the house by my husband and in-laws. They took all my gold, valuables, precious gifts that my family and friends gave me including my expensive clothes.

I was pregnant, in deep pain and frankly exhausted mentally, physically & financially. Not giving away hope, my parents and sisters went to my in-law’s for a mutual agreement and workout things as I still loved him and was ready to forgive him and settle for the child that I was bearing. But, things got even worst. My parents were insulted and kicked off from the house.

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Within one month of this trauma was able to give birth to a healthy baby boy. I forgot all the pains when I held my son for the first time and thanked god for a successful delivery.

Now, the tension was double on me as my greedy in-laws came to know that I gave a birth to a SON. They happily greeted me. But, I simply did not pay any heed to them neither my husband. My in-laws asked me to come and stay with them. But I did not. They started to pressurize me to settle with my husband who was nothing less than a fraud for me.

My mom and sisters supported me and I filed a divorce, as I wanted to stay separately for the better future of my child. This time it was more than my life that my in-laws demanded. They wanted to keep my son and my son was my new life. As they were from a rich background they gave bribe to the lawyers, higher authority and filed a case against me for the newly born child.

My husband agreed for the divorce and our relation mutually came to an end. But, the battle was not over. They tried their level best to get my son away from me but at the end we won the case. According to the law the child should go to the mother. I was more than happy to receive the news. Even my infant child has suffered so much due to my in-laws. But, I promised him to fulfill all his desires and give him a quality life.

With beautiful dreams and a positive mindset, I am ready to welcome everything that universe has to offer me.

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