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Divorced And Banished By Her Husband, Lalfakzuali Today Is An Inspiring Businesswoman!

The Sun had just rose behind lofty mountains and valleys of Mizoram and the neighbours get to hear a beautiful mother waking her little son. It was 5.00 am and she was in a rush to complete her routine house chores as she made sure her little one has his bath, gets dressed and has eaten acceptably. She then renounces her son to his grandfather, who would look after the child, while she eagerly makes her move to her family loom’s where she sit’s and weaves textile along with her sisters and mother.

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Lalfakzuali, invariably desired to be independent and build a future for herself and her son before her husband had spoken those three heavy letters to her: “ Ka Ma Che!” Under the Mizoram Customary Law, it means that she has been divorced! She lost everything she had and had earned! Fortunately she somehow managed to get away with her son. She had to move back to her father’s place with just a little bundle of her belongings and her son, a place where she wove to make her living by creating convoluted shawls and puans, traditional Mizo skirts, from brightly colored yarn.

Lalfakzuali was determined to make her family’s future with the help of her sisters. They decided to continue the weaving business when their parents passed away. Lalfakzuali made the weaving and plans, her sisters made sure they take care of marketing and other business. The demand for her designer shawls and puans went up in three years and she decided to share her plans with her sisters : “We should buy a third loom,” but her sisters replied “We don’t have the money,”.

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Nevertheless, she did buy the loom and continued the business, which flourished so well that now Lalfakzuali can educate her 7 year old son. To her determination and perseverance Lalfakzuali today, owns 5 looms, employs 4 more women, and runs a prosperous business in Aizawl.

A question arises here, how did she manage to do all that in spite of financial crisis? She was helped by Milaap, one of the India’s largest company, a funding platform for social and personal causes. See how all it occurred and what Lalfakzuali, now a happy business woman has to say:

Story – Milaap Organization.


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