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Diwali Makeup Hues – Get The Glowing Look

Got your checklist in hand? Clothes…check, shoes…check, accessories… check, and a beautiful skin…??? Are you not prepared yet for that glowing look on Diwali? Wrap up your day’s chore, take a deep breath and relax. Looking gorgeous is not difficult anymore, especially when you have experts giving you the best skin care and make up suggestions. Mrinalinee Mukherjee, renowned Bollywood makeup artist shares her make up secrets here to help you look utterly gorgeous this festive week. Follow these steps and see the new you in the mirror with her Diwali makeup tips.


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Step 1: Use cold Rose Water to soothe your skin. Give it a few moments for your skin to absorb it.

Step 2: Use a good moisturizer. Give your skin some time to soak in the moisturizer.

STEP 3: Find a good primer to hold your make up in place and to give the perfect finishing. Smash box primer is a good choice and perfect for being photographed. But do keep in mind to use just a tiny bit.

Step 4: Use a foundation that suits your skin. And remember to blend…blend and blend… Otherwise, you will see distinct tones on your skin, making your skin look unhealthy.

Step 5: Set the foundation with a light dust of translucent powder.


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Now for the eyes, since its Diwali, it’s all about Sparkles And Glitters!

Step 6: Use your favorite gold or silver eye-shadow in the inner corner of your upper and lower eyelid. In the middle of your upper eye lid use a color that goes with your clothes (greens and blues work wonders for Asian skin tone.). And in the outer corners, smoke it out with a darker shade (a black, grey or a dark brown will look perfect). Once again, don’t forget to blend!! Now to add that sparkle, use your favorite glitter all over. But make sure to use just a tiny bit.

Step 7: This season is all about glitter. Find glitter eyeliners (black, green, blue, grey, gold) and use it to line your lower and upper lash lines. Add a black line to your waterline.

Step 8: Curl your lashes and add a few coats of mascara. For more Drama, use false lashes and don’t forget to add mascara to it to.


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Step 9: For your cheeks use a powder blush and to add a different dimension use a cream blush on top of it. Sweep whatever is left on your brush on your temples, forehead, nose and chin. Always remember to use a light hand while doing your makeup. To finish off, use a Shimmer brick on top of your blush. (Start by using a little amount of all your products! It`s easier to add more than to remove.)


makeup for lips

Step 10: Use a two toned lipstick. But do keep in mind if your eyes are dramatic it`s best to use a lighter color on your lips to balance your look (But hey… there are absolutely no rules in makeup). Add a gloss to your lips. This season is all about glossy lips.


Step 11: Now is the time to conceal. Use your concealer under your eyes, and where ever needed. Always set concealer with a powder.

Step 12: An illuminator or highlighter will complete your look for this festive season. Use a little bit on you cheek bones, on the cupid`s bow of your lips, and middle of your nose. It will catch the light perfectly and give a beautiful glow to your skin.


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Step 13: Find a pretty glitter nail polish to go with your clothes and use it on your hands and feet.

Lastly, Wear your Best smile and you are absolutely ready for a Fun filled, Sparkling Diwali.

Featured image courtesy: corallista.com; blog.luxemi.com

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