Carry Condom - 2

Do You Think Women Should Carry A Condom?

Women folks, there’s a personal question coming and I hope you would at least think on it. So, here it is, you know today’s generations, we believe in love relationships and many of us live in today and contemporary enough to think that our V-card can be waived off before marriage. Well, there is nothing incorrect about the same and everybody has their own opinions.

Ok, to the point, what if you surrender your Virginity to the love of your life, alone in a romantic ambience, a moment you might not have planned or expected? Getting knocked, when you least expect it can be a really upsetting situation OR What about the fear of contracting an STD? Isn’t it ideal to use a protection, a condom?

These guys from Bright Canvas Films, have come up with an extremely applaudable & creative way of saying, why a woman should carry a condom! Watch it here:

So what do you think ladies? Do you wish not to spoil your romantic night and dance on the chance available? Will you carry a condom with you? OR Is it just a Guy’s responsibility to ensure safety?

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