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Does Your Sex Life Depend On Your Body Shape?

That 36-24-36 figure!! Agree to me or not, but most women and men alike, get attracted to their partners seeing those alluring figures which we try shaping up with exercises and diets all our life. May it be that perfect waistline, the softly plump chest or the sexy long legs, our body shape has a lot to reveal about our partner’s preferred sex positions. So, heating up the gossip further, let’s have some fun knowing about our body shapes and our SEX Lives.

Rectangular Body shape

Hips and Bust of the same circumference!

Are you a woman with a rectangular body? If so, then you are surely an exercise freak who loves being athletic. Being praised by men for your beautiful figure is something you love. And this, makes you choose sex positions that prove your strength.

Spoon/ Pear Body shape

Hips are almost 2.5 cm larger than your breasts.

With a spoon or pear shaped figure, you are always concerned about your weight and your hips. This makes your confidence stagger a little, especially when it comes to being on top of your man. Also, this is what makes you love the deeper penetrations and some good clitoral stimulation.

Inverted triangle body shape

Big breasts (3 – 8 cm) bigger than your hips!

With a decently overloaded top section, you will be judged mostly by your boobs. But make sure, your partner doesn’t talk about your assets until you are in a serious relation with him. Your figure is very attractive and you will love having sex on any platform that highlights your big alluring assets.

HourGlass body shape

Perfect figure with an equally proportionate breast and hip!

With a figure like a model, you will have great confidence in whatever you do. But, when it comes to your favorite sex position, you will love the back entry, particularly because you just love your partner holding your perfect waistline.

Real Women and Sex!

With these four categories mentioned to you above, I am sure most of you must have started checking your body to know which category you fit into. But, does it really matter? How you feel about your body and sex is more important than what others see in you. There are millions who cant fit into any of these 4 categories but still have a beautiful body and sex life.

Talking of women and sex, a thought simply crosses my mind about men and sex. Can men also be categorized into such categories like women that define their body and sex? May be not, as there is just one thing about men and sex… They Just Love it!

So, whether you have a supermodel figure or any of the above mentioned sizes, don’t let your body confidence by over-shadowed by your figure. Make sure, it boosts your spirits and not drown it. Hopefully, there are also men reading this article, men who are always more focused in judging a woman by her figure and her body shape.

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