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Don’t Be A Feminazi : He Was Raped And Tortured By His Girlfriend’s Father!

I read Hundreds of Laws Protecting Women in India. I agree women are the most vulnerable when we talk about crime. Though the cases ensure it takes decades to bid us a goodbye, there are societies, firms, NGO’s for Women, covering all their issues in a loop but while doing these, aren’t we forgetting an important part of the society?

The Indian Men! They equally share the same part in everything we talk about Equality! They too need a voice. They too need Justice!

Men are Raped, Men are victims of Acid Attacks and are jailed for fake cases filed by women who misuse the laws created for their protection. Men are victims of a bad marriage too…Forget about men being beaten up, the large number have committed suicides after having failed everything. Have we ever heard public support for Men? For their Justice against Women, who can be a criminal? No, right? If Yes, then very rare I guess. When we talk about Equality, as a society let’s not forget the Men. All Men are not rapists, not anti-women! Don’t be a Feminazi!

Watch this video by Uffan which will take you in deep thoughts!

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