Don’t Let Your Weight Woes Ruin Your Diwali…

Festivals bring along happiness, prosperity and lots of rich foods high on calories. Diwali, the festival of lights also calls for celebrations with unlimited servings of sweets, snacks and other fatty foods. During this time it is difficult to stick to your diet schedules as your loved ones expect you to join in the celebrations without compromising. You neither want to act snobbish or a spoilt sport by declining every time you are offered any of those ‘loaded with calories’ but yet sinfully delicious stuffs.

Now the question arises: How to make merry and still stay in shape as well this Diwali? The answer is simple – A bit of indulgence, some food swapping and smart ways of eating will do the trick for you. The following tips will help you not to fall off your Weight loss wagon during this festive season:

  • Eat in Moderation: Though easier said than done, but Moderation really is the key to enjoy festive foods. During these times you are bound to eat fried snacks, sweets and other fatty preparations but it will cost you less on the weighing scale if you keep your portions controlled.
  • Don’t skip your workout: Don’t let your fat sit accumulated in your tummy by lazing around in the house during these festival holidays. No matter what, stick to your daily exercising routine. At least you will even out some of the excess calories that you will consume while indulging in the heavy festive goodies.
  • Use healthier ingredients: If you are making sweets at home try using skimmed or low fat dairy products. Rather than using refined sugar for sweetness, use natural sugars like dates, figs or organic honey or jaggery.
  • Don’t be fooled by the term ‘Diet’: These days a lot of diet sweets and ice-creams are being marketed in the stores. But remember that means they have been made with a sugar substitute which is worse, and the cream and the ghee quantities usually remain the same as regular sweets. Don’t go overboard indulging in them thinking they are better options.
  • Opt for dried fruits and nuts over sweets whenever possible: When your host offers you options, opt for these over sweets. They are not ‘empty calories’ and offer you many beneficial nutrients instead.
  • Avoid second helpings: However tempted you are, avoid second helpings for the indulgence foods as they end up being the cause of those undesirable kilos. Be firm and put your plate down after you are through with your first helping.
  • Say no to high calorie drinks: While playing cards or burning crackers, keep away from alcohol, carbonated drinks or mocktails. If you feel the urge to sip something opt for fresh lime water with no or at least less sugar/salt instead.
  • Share your Joys: Don’t be greedy for all the sweets and chocolate hampers your gifted this festive season. Be generous and share them with people in and around your surroundings who are not as fortunate as you…

Image Courtesy: desibloom.com

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