Dr. Sexologist – Reasons Why You Should Visit One!

Sex… Isn’t sex an art that we all learn out of practice? It is a natural instinct that kicks in when introduced to us. So, why do you have to visit a sexologist? The thought of discussing our privvy moments to some certificate guy, whom we have just met once or twice, sounds a bit confusing and absurd. Look around you and you will see people visiting a doctor for a flu or some infection. But, rarely will you find someone who will openly tell you that he/she visited a sexologist for counseling. This is because we have pictured a wrong image of a sexologist in our minds.

 A sexologist is a person who has studied human sexuality which includes human sexual interest and its functions. Today, Women Planet would reveal the actual reason behind men & women visiting a Sexologist. The reasons are genuine enough which can help many other people to come to the right conclusion. Dr. Vivek Jain. MD: A Professional MD Doctor For Skin, Hair, Nail Specialist & Sexologist, throws some light on this rather interesting topic.

To Start Up With The Past Records ( lets say 15 years back)

In the initial times or say, 15 years back, people were not frank to discuss their private moments. Intimate matters were something that was just kept between the partners. On the other hand, even the couple used to hesitate to discuss it with others. But such personal problems are certainly unavoidable and need attention. People used to suffer from sexual problems but chose to stay mute rather than discuss it with others.

Today’s Generation – Open Outlook Towards Sexual Problems

This generation is more aware about the things happening around the world. They exactly know whom to consult and they do not hesitate to share their personal sexual problems. They at once approach doctors for the problems related to intercourse or any other problems related to sex. Today, even women visit a sexologist for the same. This era is more aware about resolving the sexual problems and overcoming the difficulties with the help of a certified sexologist.

The Share From The doctor’s Diary

Dr. Vivek shares his thoughts saying,  “As compared to the past 10 years, I used to have 4-6 patient per week as far as the getting sexual problem consultancy is concerned. Today I have 4-6 patient per day. The ratio has increased with the awareness. The majority of the age group visiting to me is between 20-30 years of age and after 40’s. Today! I get more of the young crowd who is willing to share their problems and getting it cured. The people coming to me are basically the failed marriages, people who would like to remarry, the soon to be brides and grooms, people who have lost sex desires and many others as well to solve the problems related to sex.”

woman sex problem

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Sexual Problems faced by Females

– The loss OF Libido
There is no desire of having sex with the partner. Or the desires are very low.

– The Lack Of Enjoyment During Sex
The female is having sex but not enjoying it.

– Afraid Of Sex
The female is afraid of having the intercourse with the partner even after the marriage.
– The Sexual Depression
The females are depressed with many things and this is the reason there is a lack of confidence in her. In this condition she feels sex to be boring, gloomy and is mostly passive during the intercourse.

– Premarital Sex Problems
The intercourse prior the marriage between the partners.

– Dryness Of Vagina During Intercourse
The dryness of vagina in female during the sex.

– Tips To Improve The Sexual health
The guidance from the sexologist to improve the sexual experience in a way that the partners can enjoy the sex in a better way.

man sexual problem

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Men Sexual Problems

– Nightfall
The ejaculation of the sperm while men are sleeping.

– Too Much OF Masturbation
This is the problem where men become sex obsessive and requires a treatment for the same. Masturbating is good but not too frequently.

– The Size Of The Penis
There are a lot of myths regarding the size of the penis and this is the reason men go to the sexologist to assure that whether they would be able to satisfy their partner or not!

– Premature Ejaculation
The sperm getting discharged very soon during the intercourse or during the masturbation when it’s aroused.

– Loss Of Libido
due to the hectic lifestyle and other stress men are not able to get the desire to do intercourse and satisfy their partner. This certainly creates disharmony among the partners.

– Erectile Dysfunction
This is the cases where in men are not able to have a solid erection of the penis. This can be called as lose erection as well.

So, if you really want an amazing experience in bed and wish to feel confident and satisfy your partner or if you are suffering from any such issues related to sexual life, it is best to consult a SEXOLOGIST, without any hesitation. This can lead you towards a happy and healthy sexual life.

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