Eat for Healthy Heart

A healthier lifestyle can go a long way and make a huge difference of opinion when it comes to foreclosing heart diseases. The health of heart has a lot to do with the foodstuff one eats up in a regular routine. It is highly advisable to practice heart healthy habits: A nutritious daily diet, Regular physical activity & staying away from tobacco in whatsoever form, for improving heart health. Vegetarian diets may lead to lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, healthier weight and less incidence of type II diabetes, all of which can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Healthier food choices and increased physical activity are the easiest ways to reduce weight and the risk of heart disease.

H – Have a handful of a variety of raw, unsalted nuts on most days of the week, especially walnuts & almonds. Have more legumes & pulses in diet.

E – Eat a variety of colorful fruits & vegetables on most days of the week.

A – Add on whole grains & their products as a regular part of diet. Avoid fried, oily, salted & junk foodstuffs comprising shortenings.

R – Reduce intake of refined sources of carbohydrates with higher glycemic indices. Restrict sodium intake found in pickles, sauces, chips/wafers, preserved foodstuffs & baking soda/ fruit salt.

T – Take enough time to sleep well.

Tips for Healthy Heart

  • Check your weight & maintain it.
  • Get a yearly checkup.
  • Balance the calorie uptake with the calorie burnt out.
  • Increase the amount and variety of plant foods consumption.
  • Satisfy thirst with water instead of aerated drinks.
  • Select a variety of oils and foodstuffs containing natural fats & oils.
  • Use skim, 1% or 2% (low fat) milk & milk products on daily basis.

In a nutshell, controlling the risk agents and acquiring a healthier lifestyle can make a prominent difference when it comes to controlling cardio-vasular disease.

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