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Eat healthy Not Less: Scholar’s Diet Plan

The annual-exam period is that time of the year when every student is after outstanding results. It’s the phase when most of the students either lose their appetite dwelling on over the upcoming final terms or tend to eat too much to counter their exam induced nervousness/ stress. When they’re studying for finals, good nutrition often goes down on the priority list. The matter-of-fact is that even kids who by and large eat healthy end up eating a lot of junk food and drink lots of coffee to stay alert during exam times. However, in reality, the pre-exam diet of the child defines how well he/she will perform in annual examinations.

ALL Foods & Nutrition experts proclaim that the right food and drink can energize system & improves alertness all the way through long exam hours. However, the wrong dietary choices can make them feel sluggish, jittery, or burned out. For that reason, good nutrition should be integral part of study time-table as it’s going to facilitate students to perform better in exams.

Parents should ensure that the child has balanced combination of all nutrients for sustained energy. The regularity of meal time should be maintained before & during the examination period. Mothers are supposed to introduce brand new menu for schoolers. The stressful long hours of study-time leads to lack of concentration and mood swings. That is why hourly breaks must be allotted to get recharged by walking around in the fresh air. Furthermore, make sure they don’t miss to share meal times together with family members to stay motivated.

Don’t opt for following foodstuffs before & during exams:

  • Deep fried savoury dishes
  • Fat laden sweet items
  • Junk/ processed foodstuffs
  • Lots of chocolate
  • Coffee & soda/ aerated drinks
Meal Options
Wake up Stretching exercise 10-15 minutesMilk
Breakfast MilkPoha/ Upma/ Sandwich/ Pancakes ORBoiled egg and toast with jam/ Veg omelet
Mid meal I Coconut water OR Lemon water2 Walnuts
Lunch Palak parantha + Boondi raita ORDal palak + Phulka
Mid meal II Buttermilk OR Iced green tea5 Almonds
Evening snack Whole fruit (guava/ pomegranate/ mausmi/ papaya/ banana)3 Anjeer
Mid meal III Sprouted moong+channa chaat ORRoasted moong+channa+peanuts
Dinner Mixed veg pulav/ khichri + Curd ORMixed veg whole grain pasta + Soup
Bed time Flavoured milk5 Dates

How to eat smart during exams?

  • Never go for an exam on an empty stomach.
  • Include plenty of liquids in your diet plan.
  • Eat smaller portions frequently.
  • Don’t ever eat straight off packets.
  • Snack intelligently.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid eating outside food as much as possible.

Eat healthy Not Less!

All the BEST!

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