Emergency Plan For Earthquake Safety

When it comes to the natural calamity, all is uncertain. The occurrence of the natural calamity is not at all frequent but it has much severe effects. The effects of the earthquake is very severe on the other hand it so happens that people are mostly unprepared to face such situations. This scenario is certainly horrifying and deadly. So, it is always good decision to prepare yourself to save yourself from such disasters. You must have to take up the following steps into consideration while preparing for the safety prior, during and after the earthquake.

1. If you know that you are staying in the earthquake zone, you have to assure to redesign the foundation of the house in such a way that lowers the risk of the damage and death as well.

2. You have to assure that there are no heavy shelves in the house. All the cabinet and and shelves have to be in the bottom levels and not on the top. The shelves and cabinets at the top can cause severe injuries while the earthquakes take place.

3. Keep the utensils in the kitchen on the floor or in the lower shelves. Always keep your upper part of the house free from shelves and cabinets. This would also lower the risk of the damage.

4. You have to assure that at one corner you keep all the necessary equipment like torch, emergency lights, radio, light weight blanket clothes,medicines, food, water and other valuables.

5. During the earthquake you must avoid standing near the window or the doors. Always take the side of the corner and stay back. While the vibrations take place you have to avoid rushing down through the stairs rather you have to get under a sturdy table or any other sturdy object that would help your to protect your head, arms and legs.

6. After the earthquakes be prepared for the after shocks. You have to assure that you do not remove the slippers as there might be glass pieces and other harmful chemical that might causes you harm.

7. You have to assure that all the electrical appliance are in good state and the gas lines are not leaked out. You must always wait for the electrician and the concerned people for checking the gas leakage lines. After the observations and other necessary process are done only then you try to enter the house.

8. You must have to get the best insurance policy for the home, yourself and other family members including the valuables. This would help you as you can get the amount back by claiming. These are the basic steps you have to take into the consideration to keep yourself safe when it comes to natural calamity like earthquake.

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