Bikini Wax

Emotions No Woman Can Hide During a Bikini Wax!

OMG!!! So, are you all set and ready for your bikini wax appointment? Novice or not, getting your feather sensitive skin get yanked and pulled out with enormous pressure is not an easy thing. Before you even know it, you will experience a huge overflow of emotions, ranging from panics to a total horrifying cry. Right from the day before to the very minute you step out of the parlor, a woman experiences every single emotion she can think of. So, here is a thought on what most women go through when preparing and going in for a bikini wax. Well, let me tell you, you are not the only one going through it 😉

1. Anxiety – Day before appointment

With butterflies in your stomach, you will be drenched in anxiety, thinking if you can really go for it. Most women get their mind clouded with questions like… Is it gonna be as painful as last time? Should I actually go for it? Oh God, why do I really need it…? Crap, I am postponing the appointment.

2. A Nervous Excitement – Morning emotion

After the anxiety of whether to or not go for the appointment, comes the thrilling, excitement filled morning. Well although a bit nervous, but you are actually excited to go for it. (Censored part: And why not, your husband, or boyfriend would simply love it.)

3. Shaky and still Determined – Emotion at the parlor

Once you are in the parlor, there is no looking back. Keep your fingers crossed and pray that you get the most experienced person to rip you off, but painlessly. Wake your inner you, the determined you and march in!

4. Shy – Getting your underpants Off

“Ok sweetheart, let those panties go off!” This is the most awkward moment of going through a bikini wax. You let an absolute stranger look into it and even touch it as though it is just a very normal thing to do. Poor baby, don’t be shy!

5. OMG – The first wax rip off

Woman About to Receive a Waxing TreatmentSource

Gently… Please take it easily… OMG… wait hold on…!! These are the words almost every woman speaks off when going in for a bikini wax. Well, just shush…. And take deep breaths and remember this is much easier than childbirth. So, just go for it.

6. Relaxation and Deep Breathing – More ripping

Oh No… it hurts!!! I can’t take it any more, Please Stop!! This is the next line you will hear yourself shout after the first rip off. And guess what, you will see parlor chick just smile wickedly at you. All you can do here is just continue with deep breathing.

7. Hiding and impatience – Trying to escape

Ok… one you will start laughing about! Most women start hiding their nether with their hands or simply let their legs express their plight. I simply mean, you will see legs all over the place! Who knows you just knocked out one of the girls waxing you!

8. Relief – Its all over

Yes, hearing these words is such a relief! You almost feel like dancing and run out of the parlor and never come back. And hey, the soothing cream they apply, it feels absolutely heavenly. J

9. Happy – Getting off

Yoo…hooo lady! You are done, get your clothes up, and now ready to leave. This is the most satisfying part of a bikini wax…

 10. Euphoric – On top of the world

Cleaned and now you don’t have to think about it for another month or more. Get into your sexiest bikini or clothes and its time to woo your baby love for some fun!!! And guess what, it was really worth it!! Isn’t this your thought after a day?

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