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Enjoy Monsoon With The Right Footwear

Apart from the raincoats and umbrellas that a person uses, it is also the clothes that make you enjoy the season of monsoon. Enjoying special monsoon mood based clothes and footwear are one of the best ways to look fab, stylish and in cheerful during the monsoons.

However, monsoon also calls in for a lot of care, especially related to the clothes and shoes you wear due to the viral, bacteria and fungal infections. In-order to protect the body from getting infected, it is essential that the body is protected well. Given below are a few points to help us take care of our selves

Raining tips for clothes:

  • Wear a dress that will dry easily. A skirt – not too long or a midi-dress will serve the purpose. Wearing shoes with out heels or which will allow the rain water to easily pass through will protect the feet from infection. Footwear are available in attractive colors, so one can avoid choosing black or brown.

  • On days when you are dressed up formally, wear footwear that does not slip. Wear the ones which stay firm.

  • Avoid wearing heels in the monsoon, but if you have to wear heels for any reason, wear low heels which are slip-proof and not very high.

  • Wearing protective shoes may protect the feet from mud and dirt; but they are not liked by all.

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Tips to Protect your shoes:

  • Do not allow them to become a breeding place for germs.

  • Avoid wearing shoes or sandals which may absorb the water but allow the growth of germs

  • Safe guard your feet from infection by using anti fungal powder and talcum. Rub juice of onions between infected toes for quicker improvement and healing.

This rainy season, take care of your self and stay healthy. The above points may help you.

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