Enjoying a Budget Valentine’s Day

Love and expenses! Both these adjectives are inter-related. Every time you wish to express your love, you think of gifts, dinners and exotic getaways. But, spending money on gifts and surprise gifts and parties are not the only way of expressing your love for your partner. You can have a budget Valentine’s Day with your partner and still enjoy the day.

Here are some very simple ideas that will help you make this beautiful day special and not empty your pocket, at the same time.

Use your Creativity to Make a Card

Collect pictures and decorative items that will help you make a beautiful card for your partner. Also, your creativity will add a personal touch to the card. Also write a poem or a few Original lines about how much you love your partner. This is a great gift and will be cherished for life.

romantic_dinnerCook a special Dinner

During Valentine’s Day, almost everyone wants to go out for dinners in classy restaurants and this is also the main reason why restaurant owners hike their rates on these special occasions. Moreover, due to the rush, you can’t enjoy your dinner properly and have to rush. In order to avoid the unnecessary expenses and still enjoy a nice meal, you can cook a special Valentine’s Day dinner for your partner. To make it more interesting, both of you can cook the dinner together and share the work.

flowersMake pre-arrangements for the decoration

The home decor also makes a lot of difference when you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. Keep the home clean and decorate it with fresh garden flowers. During the Valentine’s Day, florists charge you more for flowers and special decorations. Thus, if order to avoid all this expense, you can order flowers in advance or simply pluck them from your garden. You can also buy them directly from the main retailer to avoid the increased rates.

gift cdCompile all favorite songs in a CD

Once you have planned out the food and decor, it’s time to add some romance in the air. Make a CD for the day by compiling the all-time favorite love songs and also your favorite songs that you would love to listen with your partner throughout the day. You can make copies of the CD and give it to your partner which he/she can listen while gyming, driving or at home.

plant a treePlant a tree in the honor of your love

And finally, make the day and your relationship memorable by planting a sapling in a garden. Promise to each other that your love will grow every year like the tree and make sure you visit it every year on Valentine’s Day. See the plant and your love flourish into a beautiful tree and relationship with the passing time.

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