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Enjoying Diwali With The Right food!

So, it’s Diwali, time with lots of sweets and delicious dishes around you. And, what goes in your mind? Is it OK to eat those sugar loaded sweets? Should I avoid it, will it lead to too much of weight gain??? Well here are few tips that will make your Diwali binge a true feast.

Eat slowly and have fewer servings of many items. This will make sure your body is in burning mode and not storing or on a compromised burning mode.

Even if you did eat something “wrong” or high caloric, still go for small snack (fruit/thin buttermilk, soup, veg juice) 3 hours later, Do not SKIP a meal.

“Taste” the mithai- don’t finish the box! Remember they come every Diwali!!

Tips for healthy Diwali

Don’t think too much about calories during few days of Diwali. It’s the time to celebrate with friends and enjoy life. But yes, follow Moderation and also try to exercise or be Active.

It’s true that festival times may not be the best time to try to lose weight – but they don’t have to put extra notch on your belt, either.

Exercise : Make sure you increase the output of the body in terms of calories burned (input is likely to increase the festivities) by ensuring that you do the cardio exercise for the day. One hour of walk.

Home Made Sweetness

Why to avoid sweets? I know this festive season its hard to resist sweets but its easy to make smart choice – you can choose low calorie (150-200kcal) tasty and healthy milk based desserts like Rosgulla, Sandesh, Rabdi, Yogurt made from skimmed milk.

Eat in Small quantities

Don’t eat to please others- Eat what you like and in small quantities Force feeding is sometimes inevitable, but in an attempt not to hurt others sentiments we often hurt or own health.

Hydrate Yourself

As we all know common saying drink like fish, water is a weight loss drink. OR you can opt for low calorie drinks like sweet or salted lime soda, Nariyal pani, jaljeera pani.

Go Nuts

Opt for handful of nuts. As it gives you 60 – 100 kcal they are rich in proteins and minerals. Nuts contain essential nutrients and array of health protective biological ingredients. It improves overall quality of diet, but remember to just take a handful of them.

Protein Wonder

One of the best ways to kill cravings is to be full. And no other nutrient works magic like protein. Usually our cravings tend to be for sweets. But, it is our body’s way of saying that is needs proteins. Yogurt, cottage cheese, beans, nuts, seeds, should be part of your diet as one of the ‘crave curbing’ techniques. They keep you fuller for longer.

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