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Enjoying Spa And Hot Tub Baths For a Healthy Body

A pool of hot water, refreshing aromatic oils, small bubbles of body nourishing body washes, aromatic candles and your favorite music! This sounds to be one of the best ways to relax oneself and soak away the body and mental stresses after a rough day at work.

Hot tub baths, jaccuzi and spas are undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax our mind and body. It is similar to meditation, except the fact that you feel on Cloud9 after an exclusive spa treatment while after meditation, it is just the soul and mind that gets relaxed. There are several health benefits of Spa and hot tub baths on our body. And this is one of the basic reasons why most people get themselves a luxurious bathroom with hot tub baths installed in them.

Here are some of the basic health benefits of a spa and a hot tub bath on our body.

Heat: The hot water of the hot tub and Jacuzzi helps your blood flow. When the body absorbs the heat from the water, it enhances the blood flow. Warming of the body blood helps the blood vessels to easily dilate and increase blood flow in the body. With just 20 minutes of a hot tub bath, your blood pressure can be reduced naturally.

Hydrotherapy: When submerged in the water of your Jacuzzi or hot tub, an approximate 90% of your body weight is supported by the buoyancy of water. As a result, your body muscles feel absolutely relaxed and your joints feel free of strain, especially from the day to day hectic work.

Back pain: Spa massage and hot tub baths have a long term positive effect on our back pain. Moreover, after a 10 minute hot tub bath or spa massage, you will instantly feel relaxed and refreshed. This is one of the simplest ways of fighting chronic back pain.

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Sleep: After a tedious day at work, having a small 1 hour bath in your hot tub will help you sleep perfectly relaxed. This lowers your body temperature and relaxes the body perfectly, making you fall asleep instantly.

Heart: Based on a study performed by Mayo clinic, regular spas and hot tub baths offer you almost similar health benefits as certain exercises.

With this said, simply go and soak yourself in a hot tub or get a spa therapy for a refreshed body and mind instantly.

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