The Entrepreneurial Eatery – Preparing Your Cafe For the Daily Grind

You’ve finally done it! You have realized you dreams of being a small business owner and have found the perfect place to open a cafe to call your own! Now what‽ Here are our tips on making your small business successfull and profitable.

Own Your Own Equipment

Where possible (and affordable) you should invest in all of your own equipment and not rely on a deal with any specific suppliers for essentials like your coffee machine. That way If there are any problems with your professional relationships you will be able to make a switch quickly and quietly without losing equipment that you are familiar with.

The best way to go about obtaining equipment is by comparing prices of what you need at various sources like Butler Commercial Kitchen Equipment and not shying away from used and refurbished equipment. You can always update later!

Secure Insurance

Insurance is a vital part of having a business, so don’t cut corners and always ensure you have full coverage. This way no matter what you may encounter you will be guarded against any nasty surprises. Since businesses take a while to become profitable you don’t need unexpected costs popping up and as the saying goes; anything that can go wrong, will!

Invest In a Great Team

A new business takes up an inordinate amount of your time and energy and it quickly becomes impossible to micro-manage every aspect. That is where a good team comes in! Unless you happen to be a skilled cook, trained barista, and accountant that can simultaneously take orders and  wait tables you are going to need some help!

Hiring someone to handle your books and pay out wages should be a small business owners first priority. Even if this is the only person you hire, you will have peace of mind knowing that your tax and all of the other legal stuff to do with money is handled. If your budget has some more wiggle room then hiring a good barista and someone to help you look after customers is a fantastic help. If extra staff are out of the question then at least invest in a good coffee course yourself so that you know your way around your equipment.

Reliable Suppliers are Key

Cafe’s need to have good coffee to have any chance at success at all, so find a great product and a reliable roaster. You have enough to worry about without needing to fret about your orders being correct and on time. Finding a reliable coffee roaster will save you one extra stressor.

Fresh is Best

Don’t scrimp on produce.

Whatever food you decide to serve, it needs to be made from quality ingredients and made fresh whenever possible. Another food tip is to offer some menu options that cater to different kinds of eaters. Having some vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten free items will appeal to more kinds of customers, boosting profit and good opinion of your cafe in the process.

Be Clever About Your Competition

If you are set up in an area with other businesses that are similar to your own, ensure that you have a point of difference. You need to have something on offer that will attract the demographic of customers you want. Some things to consider are:

  • Pricing
  • Menu
  • Aesthetic and atmosphere
  • Signature items
  • The name of your establishment
  • Whether or not to seek a liquor license

The decision to open a cafe is a scary and all-consuming endeavor.

You will live and breathe your business and work extremely long hours. This undertaking may be the biggest decision of your life, but it can also be the most rewarding. As long as you are smart and patient your cafe could be the best decision you ever made.

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