Equal jobs and equality for men and women – A distant dream

The term equality fades a bit when one talks about men and women. From developed to underdeveloped and undeveloped nations, the status of women remains secondary in the society. Seen as the weaker sex they often end up getting less pay packages even after working at a similar rank, job profile and slog hours. Equal jobs for men and women still are a distant dream but society is changing with increase in the number of female employees and bosses.

Since the evolution of mankind women have been at a receiving end as far as rights, power, respect and status go. The analogy can be derived from animals and rule of the jungle, where the mightier animal rules. Same seems to be the rule in human society, where women who are physically weak and vulnerable, are subject to obey and service the male.

This mentality has continued even after so many years of evolution and till now the women are not able to fully use their mental faculties as they are not given enough exposure to the world, are told to take care of the house and children; in countries like India they are not educated enough, in order words they are domesticated.

Changing Times

But as everything evolves and so does the society, scores of women have realised that they are not put on earth only to produce kids and serve the male but also to have their own identity, career and source of income to survive. Independence is the key word here and from there emerges equality between the sexes.

It’s all about money

There have been many theories from various thinkers who have tried to find out the reason for this subjugation of women and have found that money, economics and property are the real cause behind it. Ever since the introduction of money happened in the human society and men got a control over it, women became second citizens to them because of their dependence on them for the same.

Hence, the idea of economic independence and monetary liberalization became the crux of the feminist movements in the 1970’s.

Current Situation

The current situation reflects these inequalities in a different manner, where women are paid less for the same rank, not considered as a future human resource investment for a company and are given easy jobs.

This can be viewed in a different manner as well. The companies are justified to do so; as women actually have additional responsibilities of family, children and handling relationships and they are held more accountable for them as compared to a man. Hence, the companies while hiring adopt a screening point of view and give more benefits to men, seeing them as human resource investment for future.

Complex situation

Now, this is true that the societal and biological roles of women do not allow her to go all out for a full-fledged time consuming career. Some women revolt against the norm and do take up challenging jobs like working as mechanical engineer, defense and in media for life, but they continue to remain few and are considered as forbidden by men for marriage etc.

Hence, the need of the society is to evolve, understand and value women in the roles she has been gifted with naturally, trust her intelligence, do not treat them as second citizens, know and accept that men and women are created differently and hence need different but equal treatment and that women have equal mental and social rights which need to be respected. This would take some time to set in society; as no one wants their apple cart to be pushed and certainly the men won’t want to give away the advantages they have by birth easily.

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