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Escaped Rape Victim Asked To Undergo PURITY Test

This 23 year old woman, a mother of two was living happily with her husband and family in Surat, sometime back last year. Unaware of the storm coming, her life was as normal as ours. It was July 2014, when she was abducted by five men, who repeatedly raped her for long eight months. She suffered the ordeal while she was shifted to multiple places.

After repeated tries, she managed to flee from the abhorrent clutches of these men but it wasn’t really a good news. When she returned home to her in-laws, they disowned her. By the time she filed FIR at the Ranpur police station in Botad district on March 16, she found out her already 24 weeks pregnancy.

She urged the local courts to let her terminate the pregnancy by signing the petition but it was rejected. According to a report in the Indian Express, The court told the victim to “bravely go ahead with the pregnancy and when time comes, deliver the child…”


Image Courtesy: bbci.co.uk

She is currently living with her husband and children at her parents’ home. A good thing happened to her while living with this terrible truth is, her husband had left his family to be with her when everyone refused to accept her; However, the misfortune is not yet over.

She is forced by her mother to go through a ‘Chokha Thavani Viddhi’  or a purification ritual; for the sake of her family. According to a BBC story, the purification ritual is conducted by a tantrik,  who practices black magic and believes in supernatural powers.

Some illogical questions will be asked and if the answer is incorrect, she is IMPURE!

Question 1:  Taking a pinch of barley seeds from a bag and asking her to say whether the number of seeds in his hand are even-numbered or odd!

Question 2: A 10-kg stone is kept on her head. She has to keep the stone on her head until the tantric is satisfied that she is telling the truth, while he keeps questioning!

Such practices are occasionally used in DeviPujak community and it is aimed only for Women. I am so surprised on why people don’t understand that she was abducted and raped, she didn’t choose five men to have SEX with her! This is unacceptable to the modern women and nobody should sit quite. What do you say Women Planet Readers?

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