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Every Woman’s Fear – Head Lice!!!

Once there was a woman with beautiful gorgeous hair. Her hair was streaked golden and copper, they were long, luscious and curly. Lots of people complimented her and called her “Goldilocks”. Every one admired her hair and wished that they would have hair like hers.

Of course her hair had to be gorgeous, since she was a hairstylist herself. She loved her locks and took great care of them. Using good products, and keeping them clean. Her hair was her pride.

Till one day she went to her hairdresser (yes even hairstylists have a hair dresser too) and complained about the fact that maybe the shampoo that her hairdresser had used was giving her an allergy since her scalp kept itching. It was then revealed to her that “Goldilocks” had hair lice.

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She was devastated and embarrassed. Her beautiful gorgeous mane was infected. “Why me?” She thought. Hair lice are for kids not adults, specially not a hairdresser!!

And hence followed days  of obsession of getting rid of those ugly, itchy, blood sucking bugs. Days of embarrassment, and nights of treatment. She was traumatized and deeply affected by the horrible bugs.

“Goldilocks” tried everything. Whatever anyone suggested she had tried. But nothing really worked. Mayonnaise, baby oil, dish washing soap, vinegar, etc. etc. etc. Nothing really worked.


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By now “Goldilocks” was frustrated but determined to wage the battle on these buggers. The first plan was to get to know her enemies and how they function. “Lice” is the adult bug. “Nymph” are the smaller younger ones. “Nits” are eggs that are laid on the hair shafts (the yellow transparent  ones). They stick to the hair and just refuse to let go. Lice can stop their breathing and live for hours. The Nits are stubborn and latch on to your hair.

The “nits” take 10 days to hatch. The “nymph” takes 10 days to become a “lice”. A female  lice will start to lay her eggs within 9 to 10 days of her hatching. Hence this time period is very important to keep in mind.

Lice Treatments

– Mediker Shampoo: “Mediker Shampoo and Oil” is important. Mediker Anti Lice Treatment contains NEEM, CAMPHOR and COCONUT OIL. All these ingredients are very helpful in killing the bugs.

Now, one has to strategically apply the oil and use what you call a “FINE-TOOTH COMB” This comb will help you in pulling out the nits, the nymphs, and lice. It`s advisable to use oil before you use this comb. Hence “Goldilocks” used this oil and comb on her hair thoroughly and leaving it on for half an hour. Be careful while using this comb on the scalp since it`s quite sharp, especially if used on kids. It is advisable to this treatment every 10 days.

– Listerine: Now, this is not the only treatment that will help advices “Goldilocks”. In the interim the only thing that worked for her was “LiSTERINE”. Yes you read it right Listerine really helps to get rid of these bugging, blood sucking creatures. Listerine contains alcohol, eucalyptol, thymol, menthol, and methyl salicylate, which are toxic for lice, but safe for humans. “Goldilocks” emptied a bottle of listerine in a spray can and used to drench her hair with it. Leaving it on for about an hour and then using the comb to remove the nits and lice.

and then shampooing with a mild shampoo.

– Tea Tree Oil: “TEA TREE OIL” is another ingredient that is a good powerful weapon to eradicate lice. Apply it using a cotton pad and massage on the scalp.

– Hair straightener: After this process she used a straightener on her hair. This also helps in killing the nits.

Another very important method is to get someone, with a lot of patience and love to actually pull out the nits, one by one. Godilocks had her very sweet sister who did this for her lovingly. This should be done every day, without fail.

It took Goldilocks about two weeks to get rid of all the bugs.

Lice normally transfers from head to head, or by sharing articles like, combs, brushes, caps and hats. Cleaning your bed linen thoroughly is also important though they don’t not live for too long outside the hair.

After putting her locks through so much damage and treatment, Goldilocks went on to do a few SPAS and DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENTS.

She has been lice free for a while, the trauma is over and her locks are happy and shinning.

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