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Expert Video: How To Comb Your Curly Hair, The Right Way?

So you have beautiful curls, but just don’t know how to care for them. One of the most important routine of taking care of your curls is how you comb them?

The only time one you should comb your hair is when you have applied conditioner. First use your fingers to finger comb them and then use a wide tooth comb. Start at the ends and work your way up to the roots. Always be gentle with your hair. Remember that your hair is the most brittle when it is wet.

Using a wide tooth comb will help form your curls and not break them. Once you have combed them out, wash it with cold water. Cold water helps in closing the cuticles, this helps in not creating frizz.

Combing your curls when they are dry will only break them and create more frizz.

After washing and applying a product, you can once again comb it with the same wide tooth comb for even application of your product. Remember not to touch your hair till it is dry.

Love your curls and they will love you back.

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