Havelock island

Explore the Exotic Havelock Island

Havelock Island, I am not sure how many of you have heard this name. Havelock Island is 54 km from Port Blair in Andaman n Nicobar Islands. It takes 20 min helicopter ride from Port Blair to Havelock. Havelock Island is known for its clean and pristine beaches and rich green rain forests which can be seen from the helicopter. The island is also known for its exotic marine life. Due to such beauty of the island, it has become one of the major tourist destinations in the recent times.

Havelock Beaches

The crystal clear water of the sea shows you different shades of blue, right from azure blue to turquoise green, depicting the purity of the island and its virgin beaches. Havelock Island has 7 beaches, RadhaNagar beach being the most beautiful of all. The view of RadhaNagar beach is mesmerizing, a delight for the eyes. The beach has silky smooth white sand which is surrounded by with a natural shade provided by the forest. The water on the beach is turquoise green with sandy bottom making it ideal for you to swim.

The VijayNagar beach has one of the most beautiful sun rise view. It looks as if sun coming out from the sea. With sunrays touching the beach, you can see many crabs coming out of their colorful shells and going into the sea.

Havelock Island at Andaman and NicobarElephant beach is known to be the heaven of Havelock for snorkeling. The beach is located in north-western region of the island. You need to take a boat to reach the beach as the rain forest is not drive able. During snorkeling you will see the beautiful and colorful sea urchins, live corals, fishes and other sea creatures. It will make you feel as if you are in sea garden.

Just next to Elephant beach, there is another beach called as Kala Pattar. On your drive to the Kala Pattar beach you will see tropical forest on one side of the road and big black rocks on the other side of the road. The beautiful Kala Pattar decorates the coastline, the white sand turn silvery during the noon time. The beach is perfect place to relax as there are no modern amities; the nature here is left to its original form, untouched. But the beach here is not safe to swim as it has strong currents along with sharp rocks in its bed.

The attractive beaches of Havelock Island are the perfect place not only for a romantic holiday with your partner but also for family holiday.

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