Facial Workouts – For Face Slimming!

That chiseled high cheek bone and slim face… Don’t we envy our favourite actresses, may it be Angelina Jolie or Kareena Kapoor? Yes, we all do and somewhere in our heart we all make a little bit of effort in looking like them, at least to achieve that slim face. But, if you are naturally chubby and even dieting hasn’t helped you reduce the fat on your face, here are workout tips that will help you slim your face. These are natural methods for reducing your facial fat, something that can also be achieved by contouring or cosmetic surgeries (which of course cost you a lot).

Some of the easy and useful face workouts include:

 workout 1

Image Source: stylecraze.com

Facial Workout 1

  • Press your lips and close your mouth, blowing air under your upper and lower lips.
  • Hold and count until 10.
  • Move air to the left cheek. Again hold and count till 10.
  • Now shift the air to the right cheek, and count 10. Exhale.
  • This exercise should be repeated 10 times.

This workout helps reduce fat from the sides of your orifice (mouth) and cheekbones. It will also reduce the fat around your cheeks.

 workout 2

Image Source: in.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Facial workout 2

  • Take in maximum ‘air’ into your mouth.
  • Shift the ‘air’ from one side to the other.

This is an easier workout, which lessens the plumpness of the cheeks and heightens the color of the face.

 workout 3

Image Source: stylecraze.com

Facial workout 3 

  • Mime the letter ’O’ with your lips without uttering it. Exhale deeply through the ‘mouth’.

 fish lips

Image Source: fablefeed.com

Workout 4

  • Draw the air into your mouth and suck the sides to form a ‘fish face’ and then try to smile.
  • Count till 10 and let go. Do the exercise five more times.

exercise 5

Image Source: stylecraze.com

Facial workout 5

  • Look up and tilt your head back. Exhale from your mouth.

This workout will stiffen the lines around the jaws and lessen the chubbiness slightly.

So, if you are looking forward to a slim and perfect high cheek bones, follow these exercises carefully. Apart from contouring your face, these workouts will also help in leaving a shine on your face. These exercises are absolutely perfect for all to-be-brides, who are looking forward to their grand weddings sometime soon.

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