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Fast Food Nutrition: Ways To Make Fast Food Healthier

We all know that eating fast food can highjack our healthy eating plan. But, does staying healthy and eating clean means swearing off fast food? Not necessarily.

When you are hungry, a fast food restaurant does not seem like a great dining option. Burgers, fries, pizzas aren’t your best bet if you are on a diet. But over the past few years, fast foods have revamped their menus with options that are decidedly healthy. Here are few ways in which you can adjust your fast food choices to make them healthier.

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Choose Grilled Options Rather Than Fried Variants

You are feeling virtuous about ordering a salad at a restaurant, but if it comes with shredded fried chicken, you are consuming more calories than you’ve accounted for. These tiny mistakes can sabotage your diet plans. Choose baked, grilled or barbequed variants over fried meat to cut down additional calorie as well as fat intake. Trimming visible fat from your meat and choosing leaner cuts like chicken breast can be a wiser option.

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Say No To Toppings

Adding whipped cream to your soy latte, croutons to your salads and bacon bits to your pizza really top up the fat, sugar, salt and calorie intake in your diet. Say no to additional toppings and side dishes as they provide you with minimum nutrition required by your body.

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Add Fresh Herbs Instead Of Your Creamy Salad Toppings

Fresh herbs like oregano, parsley, garlic and cinnamon contain no calories virtually. Add more of fresh herbs to power pack your dishes with vitamins and minerals instead of creamy sauces that are calorie dense and high in saturated fats. Using vinaigrette for dressing instead of your conventional mayo dressing can keep you away from those extra calories for good!

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Less Meat And More Plants

Consuming less of animal protein and more of vegetable protein will help you keep your cholesterol levels under control and ensure good heart health. Always couple your meat with a side dish of vegetables or add a bean salad or soup to your meal. Judiciously add extra vegetable toppings on your meat patties burger or pizza.

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Swap Your Fizzy Soft Drinks For Fruit Juices

Your carbonated beverages give you nothing but empty calories. When at a fast food restaurant, opt for a fruit juice or lemonade instead of reaching out for a can of coke. Read the nutrition label to determine which drink has lesser calories and additional sweeteners. When opting for coffee, request that your drink be made from fat-free or low-fat milk.

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